Omni Deck Basics

The Omni Deck is used to perform specific actions in the system.
It is a deck of cards made up of 22 standard sleeved playing cards.
5 of each suit in number cards and two black, face cards.
Inside each card the system provides a blue slip and an orange slip

When is it used and how does it work?

It is used when you are called on to make a skill check.
Any skill check will have a traget suit to succeed.
To succeed a skill check you draw a card.
If the suit from your Omni Deck matches any of the suits required by the skill check you have passed.

Any other times?

If you enter a Death Count and are brought back to consciousness which usually happens during a Combat
When combat has finished pull any card and remove the blue slip. This is a Wound Card.
This will tell you how badly you are wounded and what to do.

If you have cast some Magic in scene or in combat you will need to draw the Orange Slip
This is a Backlash Card
This will explain the effects that casting magic has had on your character

Explain making a check

The most common time you will be asked to make a Skill Check is when you encounter a Feat Sheet.

One Section of the Feat Sheet will be deciated to showing you the minimum suit required to gain a success.

The value of suits follows this progression:
Clubs is always a failure
Diamonds, Hearts and Spades
Hearts and Spades

So, for example, if the Feat Sheet displays Diamonds ANY pull save clubs will see you succeed. Whereas if it says Spades only a pull of spades will be a success.

When you are asked to make a check produce your deck, shuffle it and draw a card or cut the deck.

If you have succeeded proceed with the instructions on the Feat Sheet and replace your card in the deck and your deck in its holder.

If you have failed you follow the failiure instructions on the Feat Sheet and replace your card in the deck and your deck in its holder.
You may have a redraw skill, if so you should leave your failiure card out of the deck, shuffle and then draw a card or cut the deck a second time

If you draw a Black Face Card you have drawn a Critical Failiure, follow the instructions for Critical Failiure on the Feat Sheet. A Critical Failiure is NOT returned to your deck until the scene ends or you are instructed to put them back by the system.

Can I get rid of the Critical Failiures?

Yes. Later in the game one of them can be replaced by a Red Face Card which indicates a critical success. They follow the same rules as a Critical Failiure for replacing in the Deck.

Can I get better at making checks?

Each skill that relies on the Omni Deck is a skill that you may progress in.

Each time that you progress you gain the skill “Add +1 Suit to THAT Skill check”

However a skill difficulty can increase to indicate that you have No Suits or even negative numbers as a target suit.

In these cases only a trained character would attempt such a check
If your target suit in a Lore Check was -1 you would only be able to succeed if you had purchased two ranks of Lore Skill which would bring you up to success on Spades.

You would still need to pull Spades but you could still succeed.

Can I use my own Deck?

No – All decks will be issued by the system and all cards must be standardised.
At the end of any event a Deck must be returned to your Character Pack where it will be upgraded and redistributed ready for your next event.

How do I talk about my deck IC

Carrying packs of cards is a common occurance across the face of Vaklam but talking about them in relation to skills is slightly more difficult.

It is a system requirement to remain IC around all things related to RoC when on event and in order to achieve that we recommend that you learn to talk about your Omni Deck and its use in such a fashion.

For example:
1 suit – I need to get lucky.
2 suit – It’s 50/50.
3 suit – Unless I get unlucky I should be fine.


“I’ve got this”
“I’m not sure, maybe, but I could do with some help”
“I don’t reckon my chances, any help from anyone?”
“Nah, that’s beyond me”