Hello everyone,

As you all know, because you have been reading all the posts that we have been throwing out there, we are altering the dynamic of both our Discord and our Patreon roles. If you already are a Patreon, fear not! You shouldn’t be losing anything and in fact just gaining a load of add ons. Here’s our intentions:

Access to the Discord server will only allow you to see a General Chat, Announcements and Rules section unless you are paying £1 to the system to cover the general costs of running the Server. This will give you access to all of the channels that are not specifically designated to a Patreon function.

As it stands these are the new Stage Channels which will be specifically for ticketed events similar to the Mark Cordory interview that we organised in March and the higher tier Patreon echelons such as the monthly storytelling evening.

Some hosted channels which include events such as the weekly painting or kit channels and will be watchable on the Discord AND via Twitch streaming for the larger audience. 

Beyond that the Tiers will now be ranked and benefited as follows:

All Access to the Community – Support – If you need help ask for it and we will do what we can to give it you: The Patreon money goes in no small manner to support the community organisers, the writers and game runners of RoC so that they can achieve the important things in life like shelter and food. However other budgets beyond the ROC budget will include:

  • Support of the Sustainability projects transporting upcycleable components or garden waste between community members for example
  • Survivability in the Community – Community support team members will be contactable and will spend into the budget to help feed people and support people as the community allows
  • Training and Reskilling – The community will slowly be offering people courses such as Mental Health First Aid or Key Skills as they are needed to move them up the ladder of life.

Other benefits to Patreons are all cumulative but as ever, feel free to give as much as you want, the sky’s the limit and it is all well received and well recycled.

Tier 1 – Smallfolk – £1

  • General Benefits – Standard Channels (LARP / GAMES / KIT / COMMUNITY / RPGS)
  • RoC Benefits – Rebuilds
  • Discord Role – Patreon 

Tier 2 – Apprentice – £5

  • General Benefits – Discord Channel Access for: Captain Blood’s Tavern, The Stage, Creatives (Art/Painting etc), Patreon Meeting Space. 
  • Special Events – An evening with Captain Blood
  • RoC Benefits – The ROC Sticker, Plot Development Documents ahead of time and Downtime Actions
  • Discord Role – Custom Discord Titles from: Rogue Agent, Golden Table and Royalist

Tier 3 – Guildsfolk – £10

  • General Benefits – Patreon Development and Interaction Monthly Meeting 
  • RoC Benefits – Online Newspaper Archives, ROC PO Box, Prize Draw, RoC Development Meeting

Tier 4 – Senior Guildsfolk – £20

  • General Benefits – RoCommunity Mug
  • RoC Benefits – Physical Newspaper, DPC Letters

Tier 5 – Guild Head – £30

  • General Benefits – Water Bottle, Shirt
  • RoC Benefits –  DPC Background Access, IC Newspaper Submissions

Tier 6 – Living Legend – £40

  • General Benefits – You get the RoC Houseplant.
  • RoC Benefits – The Monthly Story Chapter

Some of these things are new and some are old but they are getting full explanations as to what is happening and how they work on the Patreon Page. All of the monies for May have already gone out so most of you are probably wondering how this changes now: Immediate access to the Discord Server will need folks to Patreon up their £1 but that’s it. All the new add ons will be coming into play proper in June as we get the channels and so forth properly set up. 

There are definitely outstanding questions that people will have that I will try and answer here and now:

What about the online game? 

That will now be ticketed and have its own page on the main webpage.

What if I can’t afford the Patreon?

Fair enough: The community offers a shining star system that can be found here https://risingofchaos.com/shining-stars/

We’ll be updating that this month with activities that include volunteering not just for RoC but also in the community as whole. We will also be switching that update your status to immediate with 3 monthly reviews to award those stars retroactively for your commitment. Each level pertains to a Patreon level so that you get your access

Small FolkShow Willing each month
Senior GuildsfolkGolden
Guild HeadPlatinum
Living LegendThe Chosen One

What if I don’t want to use Patreon?

Well that’s up to you: Patreon is useful in a lot of ways but we can help you out through other methods and sort out your ability to support the RoCommunity in other ways. Just mail us at info@risingofchaos.com and flag up that you want to support us.

Hope that is all helpful

If you have any questions feel free to mail us


Core Team RoC x