Good afternoon lovely folk of RoC – welcome to our Focus Friday where we tell you what’s been going on this week, which mainly revolves around the online game, if we’re honest.

RoC Online

We had a stonker of a finale on Wednesday night, and were up until midnight finishing debriefs and chatting to the players about their experiences in the game. We were thrilled to see every player able to attend the finale, and celebrate Mike’s birthday with him!

Everyone seemed quite surprised at the level of character development that our players achieved throughout the game, and we are really excited to see them in the field! The final kit was incredible, and special props go to Nyssa for her incredible kit styling (those horns are MAGNIFICENT), Stick for their continued commitment to costume and makeup, and Josh – who rigged a pulley system in his bedroom so that his backdrop perfectly fit the width of his camera. We are absolutely super proud and so thankful to all our players, DPCs, and refs who continued to show up 4 times a week for 3 months and work with us on building a beautiful, and sometimes merciless, story.

It was great to hear how everyone has enjoyed the transition from Version 10 to Version 12, and we are seeing some real keen to get back out and into the field. The team, too, are really looking forward to getting back out into the woods and building on what we’ve learnt in this story arc. The players, despite having defeated Macian, the corruptive possessive force in Silver Freeze, still have lots of things that they can investigate in the area should they choose…

That escaped Daemon, for example.

Or those maps they found.

For now, though, they can bask in the warm fuzzy feeling of having saved a town from possession, destroying the force that was Macian and, most importantly, giving a creature of vengeance and regret his redemption – his second chance coming in the form of a Voice, a Sword and a Shield.

When the players first met Runcible Clancy, a “terrifying undead” by his own volition, they tried to kill him. Twice. Then they became allies through necessity (once they actually started listening to each other) and they formed a semblance of friendship. Giving him the opportunity to recognise that he wasn’t an Abomination, and that he could be a Force of Nature in Entas instead, was a beautiful moment for the players and one that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We are going to be announcing the new series of online games in the next two weeks, so please do keep your eyes peeled for more information!

We have so much we want to tell you about – Stephen ran an amazing Cthulhu game on Monday night, which saw the players ALMOST finish character creation. We have re-organised and restructured parts of the Core Team, started to organise a new Legends of LARP series, played some Valheim and some Baldur’s Gate 3, sorted more respends, and started work on the Iskarani Nation handouts for the website!

Gosh we’ve been busy, and there’s so much more to come! Stay tuned on Discord and Patreon for more updates!

You know where we are if you need us.

Much Love

The RoC Core Team x