It’s suddenly Friday already and we are gearing up for the weekend! It’s been a busy week here at RoC, and we have been mainly focusing on the online game and the respend applications. This week’s respenders are being ordered and our first emails are being sent to the folks that top that list – we are really looking forward to beginning that process, so keep your eyes on your inboxes!

Anyone applying after this week will be prioritised based on Shining Stars and Patreon, and will be sent their slot to come in after those who have applied so far. So next weeks #1 will come after the last person on this weeks list!

Go for Gary!!

We have booked our first regular storyteller with Gary Llewellyn who once, famously, turned down a stage slot at Glastonbury destined to join us next Friday for a regular monthly storytelling which will be open to our Tier Two patreons and above. We’ll do a full post on that and make the Monday Meet about Gary so you can get to know him before hand. 

Gary’s given us a teaser of what to expect, and we are so intrigued and ready to listen…

A bundle of three or four tales of cunning, brutish murder and death from Captain Blood. 

Poets’ Mead: how the gods of Asgard spat in a bowl and unleashed wisdom on the world. 

Hywel and the Ceffyl Dwr: a delightfully macabre tale set in the majestic foothills of Snowdonia.

Unfortunate and fortunate tale of bad childcare in Russia: a non-princess, a soldier, a cat, and Death.

RoCOnline Continues…

One of Jon’s excellent RoCOnline Maps!

This weekend the online game finale will see us finish the end of 9 days of game and it’s been a massive rollercoaster of emotion, unlucky card draws and the death of a beloved fictional pony.

We have received nothing but good feedback, and we are already beginning work on the follow up game and several standalones that we’ll be working through for March and April. Here’s a taster from one of the players!

Having played last year’s game, I thought I knew what to expect from this. How wrong I was. Last year was very much maths based, working out in text chat how best to spend our action points. Although the description was incredibly detailed, it felt a bit like playing a choose your own adventure book, albeit an incredibly detailed one. New RoC Online absolutely blew me away. From an easy introduction where my Lore based Fire Mage was almost instantly useful in revealing and translating some hidden text to the horse back combat in the last session, where my inexperienced riding ended up with me charging back into the teeth of the enemy, launching bolts of fire at them, before managing to get my horse under control and veering away at the last minute and, somehow, snatching one of my comrades from the ground as I galloped past and swung him onto the back of my horse by some amazing card draws. It was definitely heart in the mouth stuff and rivals some of the best moments from face to face events. Top job to the ref team running it. Can’t wait to see what happens this week!

What’s on at the Weekend?

Saturday evening is the evening we get to spend with the tremendously excellent writer/ref Tom Knight as he guides you through character creation for his Rifts game. That’s if you signed up! His Discord channel on the RoC server is where you need to be and that’s called the Glass Key.

Sunday Afternoon! From 1pm, we will be visiting the home of Holly and Chelsey who organise and moderate the Formula De league. It’s early days and all to play for, slots are still open and the big prize is anyone’s (Except Stephen’s – he’s just in it for the glory!)

Join our Discord Server for more info!

Looking Ahead

Monday night Tom’s Rifts game will kick off and Stephen has promised some time to do some more character development for his Cthulhu game throughout the week. Sadly, there are no spaces left in his game but he is promising more for the future.

So that’s us – The office is always, always busy and Stephen and lots of the Core Team are hanging about there to listen to you, keep you company and let you vent if you need to.

Much love heroic folk,

Core Team RoC x