Good morning folk and Welcome to your Friday Focus where we tell you where we are and what we’ve been up to! We have a really exciting one for you today…

An Afternoon with Mark Cordory – Tickets LIVE!

You read it here first! The tickets are now on sale on Eventbrite for our first afternoon listening to Mark tell the tales of his life and talk to us about Doctor Who! Sign up now as tickets are limited!

Click here to buy tickets from 4pm on 05/03/2021!

And on top of that excitement…

We’ve been continuing to run the online game this week, as ever, with the players learning more and more as we approach the finale. Some of our favourite quotes from this week include:

“Please don’t do that, we don’t have enough people to carry you as well!”

– Xevus Tenspear

“The last time I opened a door, tragedy struck. You do it.”

– Titus Tenspear

The players are now entering their final month of the game, and by golly we cannot wait for the debrief – a lot of interesting questions have been raised and we are thoroughly excited to develop the online game for the future.


Stephen ran another amazing game on Monday, with character creation still ongoing and the introduction of our final player to the mix. We played a short session in 1910 in Cornwall, looking at paintings and being thoroughly terrified when a member of the party went to check on some others upsets and… well, it’s Cthulhu. Luckily, the paintings were to blame, and we can all forget the existential horror, until the next time!

Top Tier Tom will be running RIFTS again on Monday and we are really looking forward to it!

Our new games officer has been getting into their stride sending out feelers to potential GMs for one shots and short campaigns, with Kids on Brooms, DnD, and other fun things in the mix – keep an eye out if you’d like to play, or sign up here if you would like to be a GM!

Rafternoon Delights and Factori-RoC

We have now completed Bear Island and, minus one very tragic (and entertaining) death, everything went swimmingly. The RoC Raft now has bees and honey, biofuel, lots of people wearing bizarre animal heads and a beautiful greenhouse!

We welcomed the new and lovely Alex to Factorio this week, and we have expanded our base of operations. Holly continues to make as much of the map visible as possible, which is much easier since Stephen made cars!

What’s Coming Next?

This weekend, we have another exciting round of Formula D, lots of the online game still to run and the prep work for An Afternoon with Mark Cordory!

We are also prepping for the RoC Relaunch, our First Events back, in whichever form they take, and readying our ears to listen to Gary’s dulcet tones on the 12th.

Remember, if you need us, we are here, and we love you.

Much Love,

Team RoC x