Good afternoon lovely folk of RoC – welcome to our Focus Friday where we tell you what’s been going on this week…

Updates to Discord

We have made the long awaited changes to the Discord server, and we are thrilled with the response that we’ve received. A couple of tweaks here and there were necessary but now that all those are ironed out, we are really looking forward to developing the community over the coming months. If you would like to get involved in any way, let us know!

Tales from the Deck

Gary is back tonight at 8pm with three new tales! We are super excited as Gary begins an epic tale that will span the next few sessions in various parts – this is one you do not want to miss!

If you would like to join us, then you can sign up to our Patreon here!

Live Events

We are absolutely thrilled to share that we have been approached by two different sites, one close and one further away, that would like us to hold events on their land. Some of the Core Team will be venturing down to the first site on Sunday to see what’s what! Watch this space!

The site in the midlands continues to progress, thanks largely to the efforts of Stick, and there is the hope that a site visit will be forthcoming so we can share it with you all!

Onwards and upwards to events in the woods and seeing all your socially distanced faces once more.

Development Council

The Development Council have had some new magic rules and wound card ideas to get their teeth into in the last few days, and we have had some very productive conversations. This comes from how players responded in the online game, the closest to live playtesting we’ve been able to do so far, and we are really excited about some of the changes we’re making.

They promise to provide a lot more options for narrative and roleplaying, which is brilliant, and removes a few pesky rules from the game – streamlining is something we are always happy to do!


We have completed more rebuilds! Whoop! We are still taking people to add to the list, so let us know at if you’re interested in rebuilding.

One of our players sent us this amazing testimonial about their rebuild this week:

“The idea of rebuilding a character, especially the higher level ones can be daunting. This could not be further from the truth.

The rebuild was a joy to do, and with Stephen’s guidance to ease through the process, talking about the character views and where we think they are now in their journey.

The process of wound cards and backlash cards were fun to do, bringing back old memories of past missions and heroic combats. Brought back fond memories, and talking though the new finesse paths fills you with excitement to get back out there!

The whole process was done over a few hour sessions over Discord with Stephen and 1 rebuild with Shadow.

The whole process was enjoyable and I look forward to my next character when the time comes!”

RoC Games

We have another call out for anyone who would like to play any of our games with us – the intentions forms are below and they promise to be a lot of fun. Get in touch with us at if you have any questions for our Games Officer!

Remember if you want to get involved, tell stories, play games, run games or whatever we are continuing to build that community and you can find us here and that goes doubly for anything you need for the LARP or just for company on long locked in days. Equally If you want to join us on Patreon we are here.

You know where we are if you need us.

Much Love

The RoC Core Team x