Good morning you lovely bunch!

We most certainly hope that you are all doing well, and having the best week you can. It’s been a really busy one for the Core Team, and there are loads of exciting things coming up that you won’t want to miss, so here, for your pleasure, is Focus Friday…

Don’t forget – you can join the Discord Server by clicking on this link.


Our erstwhile players are entering the final phase of the Online Game, having reached the tomb of a long dead Melkar through a dreaming well. This group of players certainly seem to like hanging out in graveyards, tombs and crypts! Will divining the secrets of Kasja Entas help them in their quest to rid the world of evil? Who. Knows.

They’ve had a little bit of help in the last couple of weeks, so a special shout out to the Core Team and our DPC team, who have not only played their parts exceptionally well, but have also jumped in to proxy for the players when they are unable to make a session for real world reasons. You guys have been awesome, thank you!


Our RPG campaigns continue apace with Top Tier Tom running Rifts for us on Monday – there was excitement with players drawing on corrupted ley lines, spending inordinate amounts of time looking at old oil paintings and being lied to about them, and a necromancer who wasn’t a huge fan of being questioned.

Cthulhu will resume on Monday, with Stephen’s group still reeling from their last session.


We are still on the hunt for the final couple of players in our Kids on Brooms, Monster Hearts & DnD one shots – fill in the form or get in touch with Stick if there is something you would like to play.

Also – keep a look out for Trewslebars (otherwise known as Trousers) who will be providing you with extra Card Game information if that is something you’re keen on!

Rafternoon Delights and Factori-RoC

We haven’t had much time for Raft this week, with kids going back to school and the business of sorting the RoC relaunch and our Big Weekend of events, but we are hoping to have some more time to explore the Bio Dome next week!

Cam is leading us to victory in Factorio with a surety that can only come from blueprints and understanding how trains work. It’s a long process, but we are certainly excited at the progression we are making! Here’s to building a rocket and getting off this cursed planet!

Coming Up – The Big Weekend!

Gosh, we’re busy this weekend. Gary will be telling us Tales from the Deck tonight at 8.10pm for our Apprentice level Patreons and above. For those of us involved in the online game, it really is the best way to relax after a long week. Hope to see you in Captain Blood’s Tavern!

Our Patreons get another dose of RoC extras on Saturday with a 4pm Patreon meeting. We’ll be giving you a bit more insight into the relaunch of the system and where we’re looking to go next – your input is always welcome!

Sunday Funday!

Sunday continues to be our day of fun, but this week without Formula De – instead we have an Afternoon with Mark Cordory, which is shaping up to be quite the adventure – you can listen to the teaser trailer on Soundcloud. It starts at 3pm, and we have very few tickets remaining – so jump on board whilst you can!

If you like what we’re doing, please consider becoming Patreons – even £1 per month helps us to keep going and providing things to people who need them!

Much Love,

Team RoC x