Good morning RoC, and welcome to another Focus Friday where we see where we are and what’s to come…

RoC Online

RoC Online continues apace, and we are thrilled that we are now in a position to bring in some of the DPCs we’ve had on hold since early January! The players are really engaging with the story and we’ve had a really positive response to their latest encounters which is wonderful to hear! This is the response from one of our players this week:

After larping for over 10 years, Rising of Chaos is one of the most immersive systems I have done, it allows you to be as interactive  as you want,  from just coming along to enjoying time with friends to getting involved  in world changing plot.

With the new rules changes, rules have become easier to remember and allows for more role-playing in the game which allows one to get more involved.

The new online game has allowed us, even in lockdown to continue  with the game. The story is full of intrigue, as it ever was. And even if we are all stuck indoors, the online game allows same quality in story and role-playing as before!

– Mike (Sanazan)

Stephen and Holly are starting to work on concepts for RoC Online V2 and early drafts for a political concept are in the works. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!


We are completely thrilled that we have confirmation of the next Tales from the Deck with storymaster extraordinaire, Gary Llewellyn. We will be back in Captain Blood’s Tavern on March 12th, so make sure you’re all signed up to Patreon if you want to take advantage of Gary’s monthly tales – this month one of Gary’s tales will have come direct from Vaklam!

Secondly, we are pleased to announce that we have confirmation of an afternoon with Mark Cordory, one of the biggest names in UK LARP and TV prop making. We are still working on suitable dates, and there will be a more formal announcement when we have all the details, but we were too excited not to give you all a heads’ up now! There may even be a giveaway…

Rising of RPGs

Stephen’s Cthulhu game is now well into character creation, and the tension is already ramped up high! We have a great bunch of characters and a pre-campaign session as part of character creation was just what we all needed to have a ‘first meeting’ before we start our campaign proper in 1917.

Tom’s excellent game of Rifts will be taking place this Monday and we are thrilled to be rejoining the crazy world of Dog Boys and Dragons!

Formula RoC

Formula D takes place on Sunday at 1pm, and we are pleased to announce that Holly and Chelsey recently took delivery of four, yes FOUR, new tracks. Expect excitement, mountains and very, very long straights on Sunday.

We are letting our players choose which of the new boards they’d like to play first too! Come along if you want to get involved!

As ever, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know – we have some very positive plans for building the community in the coming months and making sure that you all have somewhere to spend your time with friends.

We miss you – Come and hang out in Stephen’s office, play Raft with us, or just jump into a game channel and stream something you’re playing and someone is sure to join you!

Much Love,

The RoC Core Team x