Hello wonderful folk of RoC! It’s time, once again, for our Friday Focus where we tell you what we’ve been up to and where we’re looking at for next week!

Remember to keep checking in on Discord, we are always around for a chat if you like, or for anything else if you need us!


As we enter the last few sessions of the Online game, the players have really been ramping up the pace. There have been many might quips, please and near fatal wounds. All the excitement of the game continues, and we have so many ideas for Round 3 coming up in the near future.

We had to move last week’s Patreon meeting to this coming Saturday at 4pm so, instead of our original agenda, we’re going to ask our Patreons how they feel about the online game, and give them our ideas for Round 3.


RoCthulhu kicked off again on Monday, with the players learning about missing cats, how to charm pub owners, and how to effectively masquerade as a member of the Peerage to get a better supper.

We are so close to finishing our mini campaign and beginning our larger story arc, and the players could not be more excited (and a little scared).


This week, we have launched the Community Calendar page – here, you can see everything that is going on in the whole of RoC for the foreseeable future. Keep it bookmarked for further updates!

We have also launched dedicated forms for Card Games and anyone who wants to run or play an RPG. Please do get in touch if you have any questions – we have a shiny new email address for you: games@risingofchaos.com!

The Formula D League continues this Sunday at 1pm after a two week break! Do come along and watch if you’re not already involved. We can promise, fun, frolics and almost certainly some car based punnery.

Tales from the Deck and Afternoons with Mark Cordory!

Gosh! What a weekend we had, and we are still buzzing. We’ve spent some virtual time with Mark in his workshop, despite some technical difficulties, and the ideas for the next afternoon session are really starting to get exciting!

You can hear a little bit of what we got up to with Mark, here:

We are working on the next date for Tales from the Deck with Gary, so that he can continue to amuse and amaze us with the calibre of his storytelling. We really do love those Russian tales!

If you like what we’re doing, please consider becoming Patreons – even £1 per month helps us to keep going and providing things to people who need them!

Have a great weekend, folks, we look forward to seeing some of you over the weekend!

Much Love,

The RoC Core Team x