Good day RoC, and welcome to our Focus Friday where we show you where we are and what we’ve been up to – alongside a look at what’s coming next!

We’ve had a quieter week in the office, but it’s been productive and we keep moving on with our plans to better the Community.

RoC Online

This week saw the players attempt a daring rescue of a lovely maiden, and instead found themselves fighting a horde of militia and their dog.

The players are certainly closing in on their targets, and have learned many things – the rest of this week will see them seek more information before moving on to seek the Tomb of the Lady Entas.

Designed by the ever wonderful Kit Brutnell.


Top Tier Tom ran his RIFTS game again this week, and it was brilliant! A servant in the employ of Darius Jones (not the famed Comanche) nearly had a heart attack as he tried to keep up with Romeo X-Ray, resident were jaguar extraordinaire.

The players were wined and dined by the absent Mayor, and had a good poke around his gaff. They have all gone to bed for the evening, and are looking forward to figuring out if he is actually a drug lord as at least one of them currently suspects!

RoCthulhu will be taking place on Monday, and we’re going to be finishing the last few points spends in Character Creation and then we’re on to the main event!

Sailing on a Sunny Rafternoon!

WE’VE REACHED BEAR ISLAND! The excitement is real on the RoC Raft. We have stocked the coffers, smelted all the vine goo we could need, and visited the oil rig and the cruise liner… Now we’ve reached Bear Island, and we’re not completely sure whether to expect bears or not, to be honest.

We will be playing from 3pm today – be prepared for exploration, possible incapacitation and many, many, laughs as we uncover the secrets of Bear Island.

Stephen usually streams his visual, so if you can’t join in but would like to watch and listen, feel free to pop down into the Raft Channel!


We got together to play our first round of Factorio on Wednesday evening and are definitely keen to make it a weekly occurrence. Cam, Stephen and Stick built a whole bunch of stuff, whilst Holly made it her aim to uncover as much of the ‘endless’ map as possible, and find the biggest horde of aliens possible.

She died a lot.

Tapir Lake, named by Holly who is over there being scouty in the bottom corner…

What’s to come?

As ever, there is Formula D on Sunday at 1pm, where the players will have the excitement of another new board.

Anyone with any spare time should jump at the chance to play in Kit’s DnD game – the Master DM is looking for two more peeps to join him in a homebrew adventure!

As ever, if you need us, we are here, so give us a prod! Equally, let us know if there’s something you want to run for everyone, and we will do our best to make that happen!

Much Love,

Team RoC x