Good morning incredible RoC, and welcome to your Focus Friday! Remember to keep checking in on Discord, we are always around for a chat if you like, or for anything else if you need us – but here’s where we are and what we’ve been up to…


Last night’s session saw the end of a very long combat against the power of the big, big, bad, Macian. The players threw everything that they had at keeping that power contained and defeating his minions, which involved calling on ancient Yarriannite power, a statue that has been missing for centuries, the spirits of two women who died both hating and loving each other, and a lot of long dead beings called forth from suspicious mists.

The players had some truly heroic moments, with one of our favourites using a bandage to slide down a chain to escape the bad guys and rescue a stricken companion!

We are so excited for the upcoming finale – stay tuned to see if the heroes can defeat the evil that lurks in Entas!


We have been rather busy this week, with the Core Team having real world things like job interviews, work and potential root canals.

We didn’t get to run Rifts, or have any time to play any Raft, although we did try Valheim for the first time, and isn’t that a beautiful game! We are very slowly building Vaklam, one hovel at a time, so let us know if you fancy getting involved!

Formula D League

We’ll be running what might be our final game this weekend, so please do come and watch our winner be crowned. We have been so thrilled with our leaguers dedication and commitment to playing with us, and our last game should be great fun!

If you like what we’re doing, please consider becoming Patreons – even £1 per month helps us to keep going and providing things to people who need them!

Have a great weekend, folks, we look forward to seeing some of you over the weekend!

Much Love,

The RoC Core Team x