The RoC Core Team has produced two series of their online game in the last 12 months alongside various community projects and Season Two of the Online game really represents the best of what RoC has to offer. 

In a time when we can’t get out in the woods, taking on an ambitious project like the OLG and running a new 3 month campaign after the 6 months of season one seemed like a bit of an ask but the writing pairing of Holly and Stephen whipped up a soufflé of a game.

The Recreant Voice took its players on a journey that introduced them to the new system and the new narrative of Vaklam, allowing them to step from Tier One to Tier Two and make plenty of ‘friends’ along the way.

We started out as an eclectic bunch which left the refs scratching their heads in the first week of play, the exact dynamic of the group didn’t seem to make sense and left them feeling all at sea… 


The story and the character dev really shone through week in and week out and the froth emanating from us Recreant Voice players is a little overwhelming. A more tight knit group you could not ask for to the extent that we are chomping at the bit to meet in the woods.

The delivery was scintillating: The set dressing and kit really set the scene and when it didn’t Holly was on hand with captivating descriptions which brought ovations from the playing team and she just kept outdoing herself.

Despite running four days a week SO many of the sessions left us on cliff-hangers and the chambers of Discord were frequently left filled with chattering players long after the refs had gone to bed as we chewed the fat of the day.

The finale was IMMENSE and the refs really gave it everything that they had, allowing a much longer session than they had any right to so that we could all get our moments in the sun.

“Everyone had a fair crack of the heroic whip!” It was said.

Detailed DPC’s, intricate plot weaving and sordid backstory could have made this game feel linear but it was all just, even more, set dressing: RoC delivered another game with absolute freedom, no railroading and SO much room for character development it was scary.

The moments of amaze were many, too many to list here, especially as they came thick and fast on a daily basis. More than anything will be remembered the story and weave, the coming together of a group of companions and the nostalgia of all the fun that we had along the way.

Massive thanks to Holly, Stephen, Tom, Jon and all of their DPC’s that lived and breathed the Recreant Voice. You gave us a marvellous start to 2021 despite a lack of LARP and social distancing. 

RoC Online Season Three is in the pipeline for Late April and we CANNOT recommend it enough.

“I have been playing roleplaying games for thirty years and been involved with RoC for over twenty of those. Over those years I have seen Stephen and the RoC team do some amazing things including immersive freeform events, epic battles in Forts, entertaining stag parties and witness them craft some of the best stories I have played in. However the introduction of RoC online is perhaps the most impressive thing I have seen them do. The world is tough at the moment and if we ever needed a time for fun and escapism then it is now. Despite all the challenges, the RoC team have found a way to break up the monotony of the lockdown and bring some adventure to people once again. The game is great and am so glad to be involved (and great to see that even someone who isn’t IT literate can manage it). Thanks to Stephen and the RoC team.”


“After larping for over 10 year,s Rising of Chaos is one of the most immersive systems I have done, it allows you to be as interactive as you want, from just coming along to enjoying time with friends to getting involved  in world changing plot. With the new rules changes, rules have become easier to remember and allows for more role-playing in the game which allows one to get more involved.

The new online game has allow us, even in lockdown to continue  with the the game. The story is full of intrigue, as it ever was. And even if we are all stuck indoor, the online game allows same quality in story and role-playing as before.”


“Having played last year’s game, I thought I knew what to expect from this. How wrong I was. Last year was very much maths based, working out in text chat how best to spend our action points. Although the description was incredibly detailed, it felt a bit like playing a choose your own adventure book, albeit an incredibly detailed one.

New RoC Online absolutely blew me away. From an easy introduction where my Lore based Fire Mage was almost instantly useful in revealing and translating some hidden text to the horse back combat in the last session, where my inexperienced riding ended up with me charging back into the teeth of the enemy, launching bolts of fire at them, before managing to get my horse under control and veering away at the last minute and, somehow, snatching one of my comrades from the ground as I galloped past and swung him onto the back of my horse by some amazing card draws.

It was definitely heart in the mouth stuff and rivals some of the best moments from face to face events. Top job to the ref team running it. Can’t wait to see what happens this week!”