Hello everyone! Welcome to ‘In the Works’ Wednesday – your midweek update on what we’ve been doing…

For all you Formula De League fans, the latest event write up can be found here – it was a corker of a game, so make sure you read it!

We also have an excellent clip from one of Gary’s Tales below – the next date for Tales from the Deck is April 16th at 8.10pm, make sure to sign up to Patreon and come along! This has to be one of the best stories we’ve heard so far, and we’re really excited to listen along next time.

Tales from the Deck!

We have been busy so far this week making plans for the future of RoC, but our biggest and best thing for this week (so far) is the start of our new artwork from Andy Irving and Kit Brutnell. These will accompany our Prestigious Guilds of the Royal Basin, and Legends pages – so keep an eye out for them as they’re published!

We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do, and that they inspire you! If you fancy stretching your artistic muscles and doing some work with us, let us know!

Much Love,

Team RoC x