Hello everyone! Welcome to ‘In the Works’ Wednesday – your midweek update on what we’ve been doing…

Today is Trans Visibility Day, and the Core Team would like to take this opportunity to tell our Trans family and friends that we see you, we stand with you, and we are here for you, always. Anything that we can do – just yell. Or type. Or anything, really. This is who we are if you need us:

Stephen (He/Him)
Jon (He/Him)
Anthony ‘Trews’ (He/Him)
Holly ‘Beans’ (She/Her)
Shadow ‘Stick’ (She/They)
Mike (He/Him)
Tom (He/Him)
Kit (He/Him)
Mark (He/Him)

In the news!

In just over two weeks, we will be launching our third Tales from the Deck with Gary telling more stories on Discord at 8.10 pm on Friday April 16th. Sign up to our Patreon at the Apprentice level for this once a month treat.

We are also happy to announce that we will be beginning a Legends of LARP Discord series, working with Mark Cordory and some of the pioneers of UK LARP. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements, as these are likely to be limited places with a small charitable donation attached.

We have seen an addition to the Core Team this week, with Mike taking on the role of Senior Administration Officer. We are really happy to welcome him on board!

In other news, work on the Iskarani Nations has begun, respends are ongoing and we are motoring through a whole bunch of our ideas, which we hope to be able to publish on the website soon.

We ran an episode of The Room yesterday afternoon, where the first team manoeuvred Stephen around a creepy VR murder mystery. It was excellent fun, Knightmare style, although we did have to stop halfway through the second room because as Stephen said…

“I’ve been in the helmet for four hours and now I feel sick!”

We are hoping to run it for various teams over the next few weeks, to see who can get through the room fastest!

End of an Era!

The Recreant Voice, our online game, reaches its final crescendo this very evening! The players have taken a very interesting path on the road to rid the world of the big bad Macian, and they have very, very nearly accomplished their task. We cannot wait to see where they go to finish him off and telling you all about it in Focus Friday!

It really does feel like the end of an era. We’re not sure what we’re supposed to do three nights a week, but it may well involve games, games, games! We’ll e relaunching the Online Games in April, so keep an eye out for sign ups as it’s going to be working slightly differently.

That seems to be us for today, we have some team positions open still, so let us know if you’d like to volunteer a few hours a week in return for some Shining Stars and a warm fuzzy feeling of wellbeing…

  • Development Council – Looking at and helping to develop rules as they needs be
  • Plot and Character – Looking at developing main and personal plot
  • Storytelling and Crew Team – The event running team
  • Social Events Team – Discord – Organising the RPG’s, Tabletops, video games etc
  • Awareness Team – Discord – Organising workshops and interviews for the system
  • Admin Team – Generally helping out with the running of RoC
  • Media Team – Helping to run the Media and Website side of things

Let us know if you need us, we are right here.

Much Love

Team RoC x