Hello RoC,

It has been suggested to us that the efforts the system made during lockdown be recognised, by putting RoC forward for nominations at this year’s LARP Awards. It asks for the best online LARP stuff and it was put to Stephen who usually doesn’t, at all, like this sort of thing. However, he recognises that a LOT of people worked, not just for the larp, but for the community and in their own words saved people’s lives and sanity.

If you want to nominate us that would be aces but we’d really like you to point at the community aspect as much as the LARP and if you need reasons or reminders here are some of the things that we got up to last year that we are particularly proud of… 

In the first lockdown Stephen, Tom and (later) Holly ran the system online from the last week of March until late August on a daily basis at first and later into 3-4 days a week. This ran as a text and voice/video game for four groups of six with a Saturday meet up with all of the players en masse. It was open to all of the players, it was free and if you did play it you know what you got from it.

Stephen hosted The Hour of Power every night, between 5 and 6, which rapidly became 5-7ish and was renamed The Timeframe of Acclaim. We listened to music, chatted about our days, and gave people a good reason to get up and cook along with us. For us, it really brightened our days, and we all ate much better for it too! The Core Team of RoC picked that up further and if you needed a voice, or you were lost or in some cases you couldn’t hang on, Stephen and co sat up on many occasions, often for 2-3 days in a row to keep people company and make sure they got through.

The Core Team ran games and streamed (legally) movie nights, like Batman from the 30’s! Yep! We ran RPGs, Lammies Against Vaklamity, video game streams and all sorts as often as we could to make sure that the masses were entertained. 

We made sure that the people who were furloughed or lost their income were fed and that they had a roof over their heads, from helping with rent to sourcing housing and moving people from one place to another when they needed to be somewhere safer. We also started a small trend of buying people presents and sharing the love, which seemed like an important thing to do seeing as a lot of people had practically nothing when lockdown started.

When Lockdown one finished the Core Team came together and started work on getting everything up to date for the new system, but also planning a load of the stuff for the inevitable lockdowns of 2021 given how the virus was being handled.

We are now running the first of several planned 10 player games that involve full facetime sessions, huge use of sets, props and special effects four days a week. This one is only £30 a month via our Patreon. 

We have also expanded our Discord community and have an online presence for people to join in with throughout the day, which seems to be making a positive influence on people’s day. 

We are running 3 RPGs and a sequence of video games as well as encouraging our community to stream their clever, creative things, and doing our best to make sure that people are getting what they need. We are also still feeding peeps, sending out gifts and trying to bring positivity into the world. 

Yes there are other online larps out there but this is a community, we aren’t here to run a game and make some money – We are here to give you somewhere to be and support our community, and we’d be grateful if you would considering chucking a nomination our way. 


Much love

Team ROC