Good Afternoon Amazing Folk of the World,

We hope, as we always do, that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you have had the best weekend that you could wherever you were and whatever you were doing. Here at RoC we have been super busy on all of the fronts and had a rather spiffing Saturday followed by a sleep filled Sunday but before we get into that:

Thanks, appreciation and love to the emergency services and all other professionals who have been working to get us through all of the crisis that we seem to face on a daily basis. Also our love and condolences to all of you in the ambulance services who are part of our community and are feeling the loss of one of your colleagues.

We continue to offer two free positions in each of our games and priority bookings to all of you in frontline emergency services. 

Meanwhile! Last week on RoC…

On Saturday we ran a Community and Kit Fayre that was a little bit off the bat to say the least! Initially we planned a clear out of just the kit, which was a task in itself because the system boasts over a thousand pieces of costume and over a hundred crates of hard kit alongside full body costumes, set dressing, tents and so forth. 

We’re not sure which Core Team member to point the finger at but with only 9 days to get that organised someone said: “Let’s make it an event!” Roll on those nine days and we opened the doors to St James’ by the Park Church Hall expecting a quiet morning and maybe a handful of visitors after lunch to see what we were up to. Instead there was a queue outside of keen folk from a system just down the road from us wanting to see what we had on offer.

They were not alone either and we soon had a busy hall full of people having a nose around our stalls and listening to our talks. It was really awesome to see people that hadn’t met up for ages getting to chat and reminisce and we heard the battle cry of the day again and again: “We can’t wait to get back out into the woods!” 

So we talked a lot about “Abyss”, our first event of the year and gathered a whole bunch of new sign ups, so if you are thinking about being along, we can only recommend that you book on to the remaining player and crew spaces, both are nearly gone!

Book Your Tickets here!

The Preloved Kit Table was also wonderful and we churned through about 100 items that were either given away or passed on for some pennies including some of our favourite masks, shields and costumery. It was hard to part with history in some cases but we’ll be seeing them in use again soon by other caring hands so that’s fine and what wasn’t recycled is boxed up and ready for next time. 

We were also really happy to see other folks that weren’t us turn up to sell and give away as well, at such short notice: That made us really happy.

We also had a point of contact for our wonderful Community Team who set up a table of food, clothing, heaters and all sorts to be passed on to anyone that needed them. These sides of the project in recycling items and sustaining people and our environment are still developing in RoC. We know we have a way to go but we are getting there.

We also had one of our two amazing artists doing a paint of Belial, Master of the Deathwing for raffle, which was won and journeyed to a good home and our King of photo shoots and face painting doing his thing. Hence all the really good pics we have of the weekend 🙂

Also introduced were the bakers of Buns a Glazing who will definitely be making an appearance at anything else that we do of similar ilk. Vegan cakes are appreciated by almost all of the Core Team and we, alongside the rest of the folk that came along, managed to get ourselves full of baked goods! 

I would say I think that’s everything but there were talks on LARP, Table Topping, Sustainability and the like. There were weapon demonstrations and board games and all manner of silliness and happiness that was coming from all directions and it felt like a shame to be shutting up shop at the end of the day.

After all was said and done we had a cracking time and so did, it would seem, everyone else that came along: We went home with racks of kit all prepared in suit bags, labelled up and easy to get through when we need to pack for events. All of the hard kit has been prepped up and cleaned up and is ready to be scooped up for events as they go out. We are organised!!

Ok! We should probably stop now but we will leave you with the following: We are definitely planning another fayre and that will probably happen in November and we promise that we will give you more than 9 days notice!

Remember if you want to get involved, tell stories, play games, run games or whatever we are continuing to build that community and you can find us here and that goes doubly for anything you need for the LARP or just for company on long locked in days. Equally If you want to join us on Patreon we are here.

As ever folks: If you need us, for any reason, let us know and if we can help in any way we will, whatever you are up against.

In the meantime have a Foxes and Crows week people, we look forward to seeing a whole bunch of you at the online game and bumping into even more of you, online, between now and then. 

Take Care of Each Other

Much Love,

Stephen and the RoC Core Team x