Good Morning Wonderfolk of the World,

April has bloomed and despite the world, the sun and the snow have been present, things are in bloom and we have, as ever, been busy. We hope, of course that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had the best week that you could wherever you were and whatever you were doing. This week CODA has been busy organising site business and will be announcing a full April and May itinerary this week (after our Monday Meeting).

Before we do that we would also like to say that the frontline emergency services remain as ever in our thoughts as do so many others and one day we hope to extend this offer to the likes of teachers and other worthies! We continue to offer free games and priority bookings to our upcoming games – just prod us via e-mails for details and we’ll sort you out.

Alongside that we push our resources into offering limited counselling with some seriously good professional help through the dedication of our own hard work, patreons and the streams that we run. If you think that can help you please get in touch and we will get you on the list as the last of the current spaces are being picked up as we speak.

So! Monday Mornings we have expanded our original message to include all the iterations of the Rising: Focussing on the LARP aspect of Chaos but also rolling in Chicanery for other games and streaming, Community for feeding people and getting them Therapy, Calodemon for Land Updates and Creativity for makers, crafters, workshop and socks.

If you want MORE of this nonsense or don’t want to read all of this you can catch us every Monday Morning between 8.45 and 10am on Twitch as team members meet up to discuss the plans of the week, the month and generally natter. They will even talk to you too if you ask them questions – That’s here on Monday Mornings.

Regardless: Each of our Rising sections are covered by our various organisers who you can contact and talk to via our Discord Server or just a straightforward e-mail.


Rising of Calodemon

Last week we had a blistering week sorting out the land: We have rebooked the previously Covid ridden Tree Surgeons and have them in on the 23rd of April to deal with a handful of unwell Sky Reachers that need some love. We also had a long and exciting meeting with fellow woodland owners and have spent a weekend digging holes in clay that will allow us to deal with the specific path issues that prevent our direct access onto the site.

There isn’t much else to report outside of the fact that we will be able to announce a second quarter itinerary of day events which will let us get into better rhythm in the woods. 

This week has been a return to behind the scenes after we tested both the game and the site out after the first quarter of the year has seen us getting ready to run event proper. We will now be announcing the dates as of the Monday Meeting which this week will be a doozy. CODA doesn’t have a lot to add to the post this week; we have certainly pushed on with plot write ups and the like and will be streaming and then producing these in week.

This week will see some changes in personnel, which we will announce as we go through the week, we will also be announcing more regulator online game slots, updating the website with better identity and bring in some story material from the 2020 online game that has already been released to our Patreons. 

Last week we also managed another Codafying with Stephen, Holly, and Mike that covered the basics of Backlash and Casting and we knocked a Conversation with Mark Cordory out of the park about costuming and kit and probably will be for a few weeks as they advance through the various genres of larp.

Both of these will be back this week with new and exciting topics.

The Chicanery calendar has taken shape and  there are more and more regular streamers  over on the Chicanery Facebook Page.

We are SO proud to be a part of what they are doing: Last week they purchased the Humble Bundle for the Ukraine which consisted of many games. They are now streaming them for the International Rescue Committee who are not only helping out in the Ukraine but all over the world. Please come and give them all of the support that you can on their normal and Chicanery for the Ukrainery streams.  

A basic runthrough of the upcoming Chicanery week looks like this:

  • Monday Morning – Chaos Meeting at 8.45  if you want to know what we will be getting up to this week
  • Monday Evening – Star Wars with El Gato.
  • Tuesday Afternoon – Jumpy Gron
  • Tuesday Evening – Games streaming with The Electric Tootaloo
  • Wednesday Morning – Stephen will be Codafying and looking at system related things.
  • Thursday Morning – The Rising of Conversation sees Stephen, Mark and guests talk about more New to Larp issues.
  • Thursday Evening – Chicanery for the Ukrainery.
  • Friday Night we are back to Beansies Bed Time Stories

Ok – So  that’s the week in a nutshell: It looks like the world may well be a hard place to be in at the moment so with that in mind we will be trying to keep the office manned as much as possible on Discord. If you need people, company, nonsense or an ear please feel free to come and find us. 

You can find us easily enough:

Till the next time we talk: Have a Foxes and Crows week people, we look forward to seeing all of you somewhere in the world whether that be in the woods or on Discord. 

Much Love

Take Care of Each Other

Team RoC