Hello you wonderful Larping folk of the world,

I hope that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had the best week that you could wherever you were and whatever you were doing!

The fight goes ever on and on for so many of you doing the emergency services work and the front line workers are giving you all for us. I cannot stress, again, how much it is appreciated and how proud I am of all of you that are out there doing this to keep our world going. Equally to all of you listening to and following the advice, staying at home, wearing your masks and generally being sensible. Well done and thank you.

Onwards to ROC and what a rollercoaster of a start to the year we have had: We ended the accursed 2020 having pushed hard to be able to make promises to you and keep them throughout the year and so far we are ahead of the game for 2021. The new mechanics for RoC have been published and we have launched a (now closed) online game which is using those new rules and is a runaway success! 

The website has been prettified, made more user friendly and is now a portal to a lot more than the larping side of RoC: the community that we have set about building this year to support anyone and everyone is beginning to flourish. Our Discord server is growing and now hosts RPG’s, two of them system run in the shape of Cthulhu and Rifts and a DnD game run by one of our community who is looking for players. Storytelling has a regular evening slot and is proving to be very popular which is wonderful to behold.

We have launched a board games league which is flagshipping with Formula De, the first race was on Sunday and was, as the kids may have once said, wicked bad. Patreon kicked off this month with a new discord channel and we’ll be shipping newspapers, stories and the like along with the continued online game and leagues (plus prizes) this month. Games channels have been set up and streaming and gaming has commenced including the exciting “Steer the system head around whilst he does VR in a Knightmaresque way”.

Pleased as I am with everything that has been achieved we are not resting on our laurels any time soon and have big plans for this month. Today sees the release of the final Tier Skills and that means that the rebuilding project can begin today. We have been signposting this through the last week but if you’ve missed it the process is here.

That’s our big goal for this month, the march of progress towards making all the peeps from version 10 system smart for version 12 and ready for the outside world and any future online ventures that we have planned, but! There are a number of stretch goals.

Firstly we will be adding to the lore of the Royal Basin each week, building through lesser guilds, history and nobility and painting the full picture of life in the South East of Daer Akmir. Alongside that development the World Teams will be creating the first look at the Iskarani Nation that dominates the Western portion of that land with maps for Daer Akmir being another big update erupting through February. Walking into March we are aiming to follow that procedure for each nation as we develop the history and culture of the game.

Downtime is also on our radar in February and we hope to kickstart the Development Council back into life again with our plans for long term development of key system elements: Manufacturing, Military Presence, Trade and all of the old establishments of the system will return along with some new and intelligent dynamics that compliment the new game. Our aim is to provide the Council with the drafts for the six areas of Downtime throughout February and look towards publication in March.

Beyond the mechanics and background we are aware that Online RoC grew in popularity during the first open couple of weeks and we booked out on that front. It will last until the end of April and we are already looking ahead for a secondary game to kick off, information for that will start to materialise at the start of March and we will be looking beyond the bounds of Tier 1 characters. We also have some thoughts for a monthly event revolving around the parameters of Basanic politics to start off with and there is also a day event planned for March that we will be mooting later this month.

Well blimey! That is a lot of stuff and covers the majority of our plans for February. If you want to be up and onboard with these things we cannot recommend enough that you come and find our Discord Server, give info@risingofchaos.com a message if you want to join in.

As ever: If you need us, for whatever reason just let us know and if we can help in any way at all please just let us know. We will do whatever is in our power to assist you.

So that’s me!

Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing a load of you in the online game and bumping into even more of you on Discord between now and the next time.

Till then

Take Care of Each Other

Much Love

Stephen & the Core Team x