Good Morning Wonderfolk of the World,

Welcome to Twenty Twenty Two and all the excitement that it holds, we hope that this new year finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had the best year that you could wherever you were and whatever you were doing. 

The year has started, of course, with a high Covid rate and we continue to offer our support to all the front line professionals that are out there fighting the good fight and keeping us all safe. Free tickets to games and priority bookings for any and all events that we throw out there remain yours.

Last week we covered the year gone by and alluded to the year ahead promising updates and new material on a weekly basis as we kick off the twenty fifth year anniversary of the Rising of Chaos.  Each Monday morning we’ll be listing the plans for the week and what we will bring to you in the various iterations of the Rising.

These will be broken down into the overall Rising, Coda, Discordant Symphony and then the various areas of Chicanery in our regular RPG’s, our one shots, our video games and when and what we will be streaming. These will be covered by our various game runners who you can contact and talk to via our Discord Server or just a straightforward e-mail.

So let’s kick off the year!

The Rising – We are happy to announce that on Friday we will be, finally, completing the land and doing a walk around and bringing you the kick off of our new land channel. The land will be the home of all things RoC and our family of creatives and bushcraft types and we’ll be looking forward to showing this off to you at the weekend.

CODA – We will be releasing some of the new rules and updating the website in a number of ways throughout January with an aim to having a much more comprehensive look at the game as we hit February. When that happens we will be relaunching the character creation and updating program. 

Discordant Symphony – As it stands we are currently looking for sites that will be hosting the next game, we have looked at Treown and have feelers out for other sites but with the game being held indoors it all comes down to Covid. There is also an outdoor site that we are looking at for a Cthulhu one shot and we hope that we can give you an update by the end of the month.

Chicanery Regulars – Tonight we will be streaming our Crash Critters, our version of Crash Pandas which is into the second leg of its excitement and led by the Mighty Mike. Stephen will be spending time in the office continuing to build background for his Star Wars campaign that begins next Monday and we also have Wildemount on Wednesday.

Chicanery One Shots – Last week we ran a REALLY good Tardis Time Team that has a second part to run soon but we had to miss out on a few other games. We are looking to reschedule Stargate and Super Heroes at some point soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Remaining Streams – We will be finishing off the festive period with a handful of other bits and bobs – The list of which can be found here

Ok – So  that’s the New Year Kick off in a nutshell: It looks like the world may well be a hard place to be in this year; with that in mind we will be trying to keep the office manned as much as possible on Discord. If you need people, company, nonsense or an ear please feel free to come and find us. 

We continue to offer limited counselling with some seriously good professional help through the dedication of our own hard work, Patreons and the streams that we run. If you think that can help you please get in touch and we will get you on the list.

You can find us easily enough:

Till the next time we talk: Have a Foxes and Crows week people, we look forward to seeing all of you somewhere in the world whether that be in the woods or on Discord. 

Much Love

Take Care of Each Other

Team RoC