Good Morning Wonderfolk of the World,

It’s week two of another year and we hope that, so far, we find you in fine form, fetlock and fettle after having the best week that you could wherever you were and whatever you were doing.

It continues to be a worsening year for Covid, weather and rising costs; we continue to offer our support to all the front line professionals that are out there fighting the good fight and keeping us all safe. Free tickets to games and priority bookings for any and all events that we throw out there remain yours.

Also we continue to offer limited counselling with some seriously good professional help through the dedication of our own hard work, Patreons and the streams that we run. If you think that this can help you please get in touch and we will get you on the list as the last of the current spaces are being picked up as we speak.

Most of you know this, but if you are new: Each Monday morning we’ll be listing the plans for the week and what we will bring to you in the various iterations of The Rising. These will be broken down into the overall Rising, Coda, Discordant Symphony and then the various areas of Chicanery in our regular RPG’s, our one shots, our video games and when and what we will be streaming. 

These are all covered by our various game runners who you can contact and talk to via our Discord Server or just a straightforward e-mail.

So let’s kick off the week!

The Rising – At the end of last week we managed the arduous task of finally purchasing the first of our two plots of land! That’s really big for us, really exciting for us and a lot of really hard work for us! This week we will be pushing for the final piece of land, visiting the current plot and talking with people about planning permissions and what we can achieve there.

There is a LOT of stuff to get done and we want all of you to be a part of that and to that end we will be creating some new social media that will be documenting the Rising of Countryside. There will be a whole load of information that touches on Chaos, Chicanery, Creativity and Countryside so you will be able to see what all of the projects we are married to are up to and about.

CODA – Last week the team managed to finish the new version of the Magic write up, that’s the look of the rules rather than the rules themselves for the website. We are SO close to finishing them that we think we can get there this week. So this week on CODA we can make the following statements:

  • We will be releasing the first pages of the new, slimline and much more efficient rules directly to the Discord server this week before publication. If you want to make comments or suggestions before they go up – That is where you want to be!
  • With the completion of the land it has been suggested that we run a celebratory, small and old style one shotter in the woods before the turn of the month…We’ll keep you posted.

Discordant Symphony – Has no new updates as it stands; all efforts have been pushed toward woodlands and CODA. This week we will be continuing our efforts to secure a second location and get some better information up and on the website.

Chicanery Regulars – Tonight we will be streaming Episode Zero of Star Wars: Distant Moments run by Stephen (Plaguemantle) on our Discord Server and streamed live on Twitch. Set a few years after the Battle of Endor somewhere in the outer rim where a disparate group of mercenaries, bounty hunters and other lost folk congregate on an ancient Lucrehulk-class cruiser dubbed The Carrier. Follow their adventures as they explore old regions of space bringing home bounties for the mysterious Warden of their new home.

We have a whole host of regulars throughout the week including new slots for Crafting with The Stitching Stick this afternoon and a nostalgic games slot with Jumpy Gron tomorrow. There will be regular updates across social media and a website addition has been promised for this rapidly expanding endeavour! 

Chicanery One Shots – Is hoping to pick up on Thursday either with the excitement that is Tardis Time Team or with a different one shot: Perhaps Stargate or Superheroes.

Ok – So  that’s the week in a nutshell: It looks like the world may well be a hard place to be in at the moment so with that in mind we will be trying to keep the office manned as much as possible on Discord. If you need people, company, nonsense or an ear please feel free to come and find us. 

You can find us easily enough:

Till the next time we talk: Have a Foxes and Crows week people, we look forward to seeing all of you somewhere in the world whether that be in the woods or on Discord. 

Much Love,

Take Care of Each Other,

Team RoC