Good Day Wonderful Folk of the World

Welcome to the Monday Message! We hope that it finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had the best week that you could have wherever you were and whatever you were doing. 

First off, today is Freedom day but cases are soaring, the NHS is being overwhelmed again and the emergency services staff, still not recovered from the last eighteen months, face another withering onslaught from this outbreak despite suffering from burnout and demoralisation. Let’s not forget the staff in every shop, drivers of buses and trains,  the whole shebang who will be trying to deal with this return to normalcy.

This is not over – Be sensible, wear your masks, socially distance, track and trace, do everything in your power to reduce the risk. Not everyone is vaccinated, governmentt figures only reflect the adult population. Alongside this request we also put out our thanks to those emergency services and front line staff that have done so much to help us and those emergency services also receive the free slots for playing and priority booking.

Meanwhile on RoC….

We are all a flurry of activity after our latest team meetings for plot development and prop building. Obviously we can’t reveal too much but there may be some tunnels being put together and a Barrow Hall is being built…….Which makes us happy. Alongside the building we are writing, writing, writing and all of our pre-done skits and scenes are all up and running. 

We have three tickets left for playing and about the same for crewing with the bookings closing on Sunday the 25th at Midnight. We expect to be sold out by then although there will be a waiting list option for any drop outs.

Fallen – Event Two

This week we will be making appropriate Patreon updates and making some changes due to our change in personnel and direction. You may also have noticed that the Discord has changed for the better! Gosh we have been busy. Finally now that we have most of the second event prepped we will be releasing a post event one Debrief page to get you all up to speed with where we are!

Remember if you want to get involved, tell stories, play games, run games or whatever we are continuing to build that community and you can find us here and that goes doubly for anything you need for the LARP or just for company on long locked in days. Equally If you want to join us on Patreon we are here.

As ever folks: If you need us, for any reason, let us know and if we can help in any way we will, whatever you are up against.

In the meantime have a Foxes and Crows week people, we look forward to seeing a whole bunch of you at the online game and bumping into even more of you, online, between now and then. 

Take Care of Each Other

Much Love,

Stephen and the RoC Core Team x