Hello Folks!


Aren’t you all a wonderful bloom of beings? As ever we hope that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you have had a wonderful week wherever you were and whatever you were doing. We continue our forever thank you’s for all the people that have worked through the disastrous last eighteen months keeping us alive. To all of you in the emergency services, protecting us and serving us in frontline jobs you have all of our love and respect. We continue to offer what we can by encouraging all of you NHS frontliners (to start off with) driving ambulances, dr’ing, nursing et al to mail us at info@risingofchaos.com and let us know: We’ll give you free games and priority booking as a thank you for all the things that you have done for us.

Onwards to the Larping side of things.

This is our last building week before releases so we could just go through the ins and outs of rebuilds and plot releases or we could just say this: Next Monday we will release RoC Version 12 – Final Core Rules updates for release along with plot updates and releases to support the first dates for an Online Game and of course… our return to the field – We will be live with those updates and a host of other related gumph from midday on Monday the 31st of May as we then head into the first week of June with daily releases.

This may seem like a short update but it represents a lot of work that’s been done over the past few weeks, and much more to come. 

From a Community Stand Point

Conversations about bushcraft, horticulture, sites, cons and other things are ongoing, in a very positive fashion! We’d really encourage all of you to start looking at the Marketplace channel on Discord – post there if you’re in need of something, if you have something to give away or if you’re on the lookout for things to upcycle. We are committed to reducing waste going to landfill as much as humanly possible, so give us a shout if you have anything the system might be able to use! 

The Admin and Community Care teams are looking at courses for, at first, the Core Team to get us all trained up. If there’s something that you think we could be offering in the future, then do let us know – or, even better, join the team!

The other teams are busy prepping for June as we move into the second half of 2021 (Blimey, how did that happen!) and we will have more updates from them soon, along with the date of the next Patreon meeting for all those that wish to attend. 

In the mean time, if you want to get involved, tell stories, play games, run games or whatever we are continuing to build that community and you can find us here and that goes doubly for anything you need for the LARP or just for company on long locked in days. Equally If you want to join us on Patreon we are here.

As ever folks: If you need us, for any reason, let us know and if we can help in any way we will, whatever you are up against.

In the meantime have a Foxes and Crows week people, we look forward to seeing a whole bunch of you at the online game and bumping into even more of you, online, between now and then. 

Take Care of Each Other

Much Love,

Stephen and the RoC Core Team x