Good morning wonderful people of RoC!

We have been spending much of this week working on the process by which we are going to rebuild your existing characters into the new and shiny Version 12 – you can find the main page, which links to each step of the process as we publish it, here.

Today, we are broaching the subject of magic items! Everyone has their favourite magic item, from sentient rocks to pairs of trousers made by legendary artificers, Rising of Chaos is full of magical objects. We will be reworking your magic items as we move through the rebuilding process, so if your intention is to get in on the action early – you might need to dig out those old lammies well in advance!

Remember, slots open on February 1st and will be assigned in priority order depending on your Shining Star / Patreon status.

In other upcoming news, we have RPGs starting soon – with a couple more player slots available if you would like to join us, and the Formula D League starts on Sunday – Sign up now!

This is also the last chance to sign up on Patreon to join RoC Online – Check out our this testimonial from one of our players!

I have been playing roleplaying games for thirty years and been involved with RoC for over twenty of those. Over those years I have seen Stephen and the RoC team do some amazing things including immersive freeform events, epic battles in Forts, entertaining stag parties and witness them craft some of the best stories I have played in. However the introduction of RoC online is perhaps the most impressive thing I have seen them do. The world is tough at the moment and if we ever needed a time for fun and escapism then it is now. Despite all the challenges, the RoC team have found a way to break up the monotony of the lockdown and bring some adventure to people once again. The game is great and am so glad to be involved (and great to see that even someone who isn’t IT literate can manage it). Thanks to Stephen and the RoC team.


We would love to see your faces!

Much Love,

Team RoC x