Welcome back on board!

Hello RoCers old and new and Welcome to 2021
Firstly: We know that it’s four days in but we promised that we would start the going live process with the coming of the first Monday of the year and here we are! Every day from now on we will be updating this website with new system mechanics, fluff and news as well as populating our community pages with forthcoming events and the like.

It has been a hectic six months in which the Core Team and Development Council have worked ceaselessly to complete the new system mechanics and provide an online environment in which to launch Version 12 of RoC. It may not be the ideal platform but we appreciate that the world could do with some ROC magic so here we are. This blog will be where we bring you up to date with what we are doing regularly and that we’ll cover daily updates on our social media. Let’s look at this week’s plan

System Updates and Character Creation

The ink on the mechanics is still drying but we have begun the update here on this new, snazzy looking site. As it stands the Character Creation basics are appearing over the next 24 hours with some of the area fluff and the guidelines pretty much ready to go. Over the course of the week we will be updating continuously focussing on the character creation and the mechanics side of thing as we get ready for the Conversion System to take place shortly afterwards.

There is a lot to take in so we will be releasing it in stages so that it each portion of the game can be taken in and understood. The new mechanics will be supported by Audio and Video recordings that explain the new system in various formats with focus on the new Omni Deck rules. Health, Chirurgery and Crafting have undergone huge overhauls that have led to some truly exciting innovations to give those aspects of the game their own personality.

Online RoC

Our new online game, The Recreant Voice, goes live this week! The first outlines are live here on the website and will be updated daily. Here are some things you should keep in mind if you’re intending to join us for escapades and shenanigans in the small town of Entas in Silver Freeze: You can buy in to the game via Patreon from Tuesday 5th January The Recreant Voice Discord servers will be live from Thursday 7th so that you can start getting together with other players and thinking about the character you might like to play.

The rules for Character Creation will also be with you on Thursday 7th, so you have plenty of time to get started on your concept. Character Creation will take place on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th, with as much system support as needed to get you off the ground (keep your eye out for timings!) before we go live for our first official game at 6pm on Wednesday 13th January! There will be intrigue! There will be mystery! There will be… An Omnibot!

Finally – Stephen will be live in Radio RoC on the Discord from 4pm – 5pm to chat to you about what is coming up on Monday the 4th!

Much Love All