Good morning RoC, 

Time for a Core Team update, you lucky, lucky things! We have been working on so many things this week. The first and most vitally important is the updates to the Mechanics, and how that is represented on the new website. 

In the last update, we gave you a hint that there would be new things out soon – we are working on these, and can add Magic, Casting, and Crafting to the mix as well. We’ve been busy little bees and bats (don’t forget your nighttime pollinators, people!)…  

Now for RoC Online!

We have been receiving lots of PMs from you about character creation and how to proceed with the online game. Consider this our FAQ for The Recreant Voice, but some of it does relate to the wider system, too.

How do I get involved with the online game? 

To play in The Recreant Voice, you will need to be signed up to our Patreon at Guild Head level (£30 per month) or higher. We’ll then give you access to the dedicated server for the online game and you can start chatting with other players. 

If you can’t play, or would prefer to do something a little different, you can always DPC! We have a selection of entertaining DPCs up for grabs. We have posted about this before, but please email or PM Holly (The Ilicic Witch) on the RoC Discord Server.

Do I have to continue with Patreon forever to play the online game?

The short answer is No. We will be playing The Recreant Voice for 2 months, so you will need to be signed up on Patreon for as long as the game is running. Once this is done, you can cancel your Patreon subscription should you wish. 

The long answer is still No, but if you can, we would really appreciate that you stick with us on Patreon. If the Guild Head level is a bit extravagant in these crazy strange times, please consider downgrading your level instead of cancelling entirely. Having been locked down for the better part of the year and not being able to run games has wreaked havoc with our income stream as we’re sure it has for many of you, and we really want to keep running the game for you however we can. 

Do I have to start a new character?

Not at all.

If you have a pre-existing character of around 40 Endeavour you would like to bring into the digital field, that’s perfect – get in touch with the Core Team and we’ll be able to sort you out!

How many characters can I have in RoC?

Creating new characters for The Recreant Voice has given a lot of you cause to ask how many characters you can have at any one time in RoC.

The answer to this question is 3, with one of those characters being your Main Plot character.

Do I earn Endeavour in the online game?

Yes – We will be giving each player 1 Endeavour per week (8 in total) which equates to 4 Standard Events.

We can spend your Endeavour with you on Mondays and Tuesdays during the run of The Recreant Voice.  

When can I create my character?

Start thinking now! 

The Character Creation process is now live on the website, and we are available to go through the build process with you on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th January.

Can I join in halfway through?

Yes, you are more than welcome to, and we will find a way to slot your character’s late arrival neatly into the tale. You would still need to pay for the whole month on Patreon, though.

So that’s us for today, have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, and we look forward to speaking to many of you between now and our next update.

Team RoC x