Another very quick update from us: Another flurry of activity and we can announce todays system updates as we skip blythley into 2021.

System and Website Updates

First of all more updates to the Character Creation have been updated onto the website and the first six steps are there with more info destined for release tomorrow so we can meet our Thursday deadlines. If you want to read and know more about the Royal Basin then you can!

The Online Game

With The Recreant Voice just around the corner, we want to give our players, refs, and crew a really awesome brand new online experience. To achieve this, we are putting the feelers out there to see if anyone in our community would like the opportunity to take on some really cool DPC roles.

We have created quite a few DPCs for The Recreant Voice, and anyone enquiring about auditioning for a DPC role will be given an information sheet of the roles available in advance. So, if you wish to join us on an intriguing storytelling journey (and get the inside scoop on what’s going on, muahaha!) that’s great!

You will need access to some of the following things:

A decent webcam and appropriate kit for your role, should you wish to play a DPC on video. This will also require a plain(ish) background or a screen. A decent microphone or headset should you want to play a DPC on Voice only.

If you would like to play a DPC but are uncomfortable with the idea of your face or voice being used, then all you will need is Discord, a keyboard and some fingers (preferably yours and not severed or pickled) and we can pop you in a text channel.

Anyone interested in auditioning for a DPC role should email for more info and to arrange a brief (informal) audition with the Core Team.

You will need to be available on at least one evening a week (Wed-Fri) and Saturdays (12-2) – let us know any dates that you definitely can’t do in advance so we can tell the players why that DPC might not be around!

Dust your kit off and come and join us, it promises to be a laugh riot!!

The Hour of Power

Finally – At least Stephen will be about in the Hour of Power at Radio RoC between 5 and 6 as much as he can be whilst he makes dinner

Much Love All