Good morning wonderfolk of the RoCommunity! Here is where we are, and what we have been up to midweek. It’s exciting, so hold onto your hats, helmets, coifs, goggles and other assorted head wear (Stephen wanted to put headpants here…).

Yesterday saw the inauguration of Stephen’s Office, a space on Discord where people can drop in (and out, sometimes, thanks to connection issues!) for a cup of coffee and a chat. Stephen is in his office most of the day, so for those of you who are alone and working from home or even if you are simply missing a human connection – we are here. You can find more of what we’re doing on the RoCommunity Page on the website

We also delivered a care package to two of our longstanding crewman. It wasn’t the most conventional of care packages, being largely made of miniatures and paints as well as some vegan staples.

That brings us to today, and…

Matt’s Manufactorium!

Matt Hussey, professional miniature painter, will be unboxing the huge amount of miniatures that were provided by members of the RoCommunity yesterday.

You know what it’s like – you buy a whole bunch of exciting and cool things to paint, and then get distracted and suddenly you’re surrounded by heaps of unpainted miniatures from 1985.

Matt will be streaming his hoard on Discord from 1pm – be sure to drop in and check out what he got!!

The Recreant Voice – Session Two

RoC Online continues this evening at 6pm, and we are looking forward to welcoming our players back to the streets of Haven, and to see where they end up next.

There is still time to join us – more information can be found here.

So, that’s us for the day – please come and join the Office if you can!

We miss you.

Much Love,

Team RoC x