Well, well, well! What a week it’s been at RoC!

RoC Online saw an introduction to a big bad and went, according to one player, “from Rising of Chaos to Rising of Cthulhu in 5 seconds” – which made Stephen very happy!

Our personal highlights included the ghostly Darcy, who was not quite what he seemed, our resident Artificer being left with a hugely unlucky set of card drawers that saw him imprisoned behind a secret portcullis in the cellar of an 800 year old ruined Saloon, and the Battered Shield being renamed “The Buttered Knife”, because of breakfasts… You wouldn’t… Never mind.


We saw some excellent character creation for Tom’s Rifts game last night and it makes for quite the eclectic party – we are so looking forward to seeing how our mix of Dragons, Dog Boys, Juicers, Were-Jaguar Cyberknights and Ley Line Walkers get on, and if this eminently sensible party manage to get anything done!

Character creation continues tomorrow night for Stephen’s Cthulhu game which promises to be all action, action, action, and insanity, insanity, insanity. We cannot wait to share the endeavours of both games with you as we get started.


We now have a permanent Discord link for anyone who wants to share the RoCommunity with their friends – read and accept the server rules and you are good to get involved!

We have also enabled music on MEE6,so if you see the bot in a room, prepare for a party of wildly differing music styles, from The Fraggles in French to Spiderbait.


Formula D continues today at 1pm with what promises to be an explosive start, we cannot wait to see you all racking up more points and hopefully not deliberately trying to explode!

If you’d like to look in, we’ll be in the Formula D channel on the Server, and it would be great to have you along!

So that’s us for the day, have a great Sunday!

Much Love,

Team RoC x