Hello RoCommunity, we hope that you are enjoying your Saturday and that you are safe and well wherever you are!

Here is what we are up to over the next few days, and our plans for the next few weeks – between day jobs, childcare and RoC Online, we have been super busy!

We have to say that we are really impressed with our RoC Online players – we know that the world of LARP without without the “LA” is pretty difficult, and we are looking to maintain the balance and not let it become a tabletop game. So far, it is going so well, and we are very optimistic that this will continue into Week Two!

RoCthulhu and Other Roleplay Games

Stephen is looking to run a Cthulhu campaign every other Monday, and there are 6 places available – this game is available for our Patreon subscribers (from the £1 level). See the blurb below:

What we take away
Set against the backdrop of the First World War players will create characters that have found their patriotic spirit and signed up to fight in the Great War. I will be looking for 6 players to generate people that have come from all walks of life to be involved in the game. They can be from either side of the lines I don’t mind.

Each Character will go through detailed and in depth background development independently of other characters in the days before we kick off. First people to sign up on Sunday are in!

Tom is also going to be running a game of Rifts, which has 6 player places available, again for our £1 + Patreon folks. Take a look at the intrigue below…

The Glass Key
Civilisation ended when the Rifts opened. Nobody can really say how long ago that happened; it might be hundreds of years, maybe thousands. Whatever the case, the result was dramatic. Countless realities suddenly flooded over the Earth, plunging humanity into an age of chaos and confusion from which it is only just starting to recover.

The Coalition States – a fascist government which aims to dominate the entirety of what was once America through superior technology and the suppression of magic – is engaged in a brutal war with the Federation of Magic, a loose alliance of supernatural forces brought together by the need to survive.

You are a band of mercenaries; wayward souls forced together by fate and happenstance who pool your skills to survive in this dangerous world. It’s not always easy, but at least your current job is a simple one; you’ve just go to make sure a package reaches a bar in the suburbs of Chi-Town, the Coalition capital. No big deal, so long as you can keep your heads down, right…?

Want in? Sign up!!

Sunday Afternoons – The League and Other Board Games

Last Sunday, we had a right laugh with our test game of Formula D, and we are really keen to run a League from Holly’s Living Room. Sign up is available for any of our Patreon’s from the £1 per month level, and we would love as many of you as possible to come and join us for games on Sunday evenings.

We will be gathering in Stephen’s Office on Discord tomorrow at 12PM to let you know what the plans are for tomorrow’s game if you would like to join us.

If you would like to run or stream games on the Server on Sundays, let us know and we will give you all the information you need to do so, and if you have some keen to volunteer with us, we would love someone to come in and help us monitor our game channels whilst we’re running RoC Online or handling the League…

We still miss you.

Much Love,

Team RoC x