Hello wonderfolk of RoC, we hope you’re all faring as well as you can in Lockdown and that you are keeping safe.

We are here to talk to you about the impact that Lockdown is having on us, and how this is affecting the build up to The Recreant Voice. We are supposed to be preparing to enjoy the first session with our players today, briefing our DPCs and enjoying the fruits of our labour from the past couple of months!


We have, instead, been spending much of our time in Google Classrooms, Zoom calls, and handling round-the-clock childcare. We were holding out as long as possible on making this announcement because we really hoped that we would be able to pull this off for all of you! We are very sorry to say, but…

We are postponing the launch of The Recreant Voice for a few days.

What happens now?

For those of you who have already signed up on Patreon, don’t worry – the delay in getting started doesn’t mean that you have to carry on at Guild Head level any longer than the original timeframe.

We have been working really hard on getting the Character Creation pages up and running on the new website, and we would love to be able to share the process with you. This includes an overview of the game, if you’re looking for somewhere convenient to start!

Between 6 & 7pm this very evening, we will be in Radio RoC to chat with you about Character Creation, and answer any questions you might have around how to build someone new.

You don’t have to be involved in The Recreant Voice to come and join us, as this is how character creation will now work system wide – and you never know, you might be struck with such an excellent character concept you just have to try it out with us online!

And Finally…

We will be announcing the new start date for The Recreant Voice in the next few days on all channels – get your emails in to DPC if you haven’t already, and we look forward to seeing as many of you online as we can this evening!

Much Love,

Team RoC x