Good Morning Wonderfolk of the World,

Welcome to the stepping stone of May on the road to Summer! Here at the Rising of Chaos we are bloody knackered after a load of prep work and the first weekend of the twenty fifth anniversary events. We’ll get to unwrapping all of that very shortly but not before we meet with the tradition of saying that we hope that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had an excellent week wherever you were and whatever you were doing.

Another weekly tradition is to thank the most wonderful people that Patreon us and Sub us on the various platforms that let us say things like: Front line emergency service folk still get to appreciate free games and priority bookings for any live events and we still have spaces open to anyone that wants to receive counselling via our community programs. If you would like further information or just need help feel free drop us an e-mail.

The two main wings of the Rising continue to develop and both the Chaos and the Chicanery side of things have kept working away in the background getting stuff done and keeping the community ticking over. The Chaos has been enjoying the woods and all of the new people that running a 25th anniversary event brings to it. All of us were gobsmacked that we sold out of crew and player tickets so quickly and are super keen for the next one.

Whilst this message covers the basics we will be on and chatting on Tuesday Morning between 8.45 and 10am on Twitch as team members meet up to discuss the plans of the week, the month and generally natter. They will even talk to you too if you ask them questions – That’s here on Monday Mornings, but Tuesday this week. Have your say, ask questions and help us shape the future of what we are doing together.

Regardless: Each of our Rising sections are covered by our various organisers who you can contact and talk to via our Discord Server or just a straightforward e-mail.

The Calodemon Woods!

We have begun repair of the track that will allow the cars to be driven onto site and also done some more clearing of dead wood throughout the forest. Other than that the woods were full of larpers.

So! The boss worked us into the floor last week and we produced the entirety of the plot line for Relics, completed Winter is its bones and also The Lost one as well as a whole load of prep for other forthcoming bits and bobs. Along with that we may have gone to the woods and accidentally fallen and run an event and now we can’t get up – Because we are absolutely broken 🙂

First of HUGE thanks to everyone: Let’s start with THE MIGHTY MIKE who spent far too much time crafting people’s personalised wounds and backlash cards rather than doing stuff like sleeping AND if you like the Bitter Vale stuff; throw your praise his way. He is the only reason that your decks are so wicked cool and why you get to do the funky stuff when you are stabbed or been doing a casting – Three cheers for the Mike.

Next up we’ll point at the System Head who is the Ilicic and most bumbley of beans Holly! She is the organiser and orchestrator of the system and obviously, without her we wouldn’t be where we are now! From writing about Midnight Bay Hounds, making Feat sheets, running the event and crewing, DPC’ing and the like; the beans wears a lot of hats and makes them all fit snugly.

Next up is Stephen, who devised, wrote and made feat sheets and hand outs galore for the event! Without Stephen, we wouldn’t have the world of Vaklam and the community that surrounds us, and for the the whole Rising Team are eternally grateful.

Then we have a Kit who did all of the wonderful arts and posters and sat up all night helping Mike out with the design for the graffiti that you all saw posted around Shriekspire and that some of you got to take home with you. Also “The Trews” who is the big head of Viginti and managed to make sure that all of our tents were set up properly, that the event was digested and run by the crew and that all of the kit, feat sheets and whatnot were in the right place.

That’s enough about your glorious event runners, our final thanks go to the people that made the event happen through the wonder of their crewenating: Matt, Karl, Sphynxie, Muffin, Niki and Kayleigh – You were all glorious and worked your super socks off to make everything happen. Special player thanks to Stick and Gonge who helped pack kit and drive things and to Jon who was super unwell but still built packs and drove people around regardless.

The event was certainly a success and you can read and talk all about it over on the frothing part of our discord channel but we’ll say here for certain: We took a lot away from our first real runthrough of version 12 and a return to larping. We know that there was a lot that we could do better, splitting the groups and using the site better were certainly among those but next time we play we will get those sorted. And when is the next one I hear you ask?

Well: the second part of the Relics story arc on the 14th of May along with a standalone event on the 28th – We are also excited to unveil a weekender at the Fae Court, at a very different site, on the 12th June. Teasers, Tickets and Tantalising Thrills will all appear in the next few days but keep these dates free, we promise you won’t be disappointed. 

This week there will be a whole boatload of frothing and talking about the event gone and the one coming up but in the meantime…

Despite grovelling from her minions Holly is ensuring that everyone goes again with the Twitch so you can expect to see Stephen talking about the Lore of Psionic Magics on Wednesday morning from around 9am BST and Stephen AND Mark talking all old stories LARP on Thursday morning at 10.30 BST. All of this is usually worth a watch!

The teams will be in and around Discord this week helping out those that need it with character building and game prep ahead of the weekend. If you need some of this wonderful assistance go and find them and they will see what they can do for you.

The Chicanery calendar has taken shape and  there are more and more regular streamers  over on The Rising of Chicanery Facebook Page

The streaming for the International Rescue Comittee with the Chicanery for Ukrainery continues and we appreciate all of the help that you have given them. This week the set up streams go along the following lines.

  • At around 7pm on Monday, Stephen is running Star Wars in the eve
  • Tuesday we will have the Monday Morning Meeting to be confusing
  • At 9 or so on Wednesday Morning, Stephen will be live to go through some more CODA magic based rules, in the next episode of CODAfying. 
  • Thursday we’ll be starting off with the wonderful Rising of Conversation podcast where Stephen and Mark will be discussing more stories from the over 40 years of larping experience they have between them
  • And to round out the streams for next week, Thursday night will have the usual Chicanery Gaming stream, with Trews and guests
  • Friday we have the wonderful Gary which we will post about later

Ok – So  that’s the week in a nutshell: It looks like the world may well be a hard place to be in at the moment so with that in mind we will be trying to keep the office manned as much as possible on Discord. If you need people, company, nonsense or an ear please feel free to come and find us. 

You can find us easily enough:

Till the next time we talk: Have a Foxes and Crows week people, we look forward to seeing all of you somewhere in the world whether that be in the woods or on Discord. 

Much Love

Take Care of Each Other

Team RoC