Hello Wonderfolk of the World,

As July rolls towards an end we are here wishing you the finest of forms, fetlocks and fettles and that you have all had the best week you could wherever you were and whatever you were doing. It’s another quick one from us as we push on towards our first proper overnight event in over a year but this time on our own plot of land. We’ll be bring you up to date on where we are momentarily but first we get to do some cool stuff:

We get to offer up our massive thanks to the Patreons, subs and sundries who spend their hard earned wealth allowing us to do things like providing priority bookings and free games for frontline service folk, counselling, therapy and a host of other projects that support the community as a whole. As ever, If you believe that you’re a person that could and should be benefiting from this let us know via the usual channels.

With all that said we will move into our slightly shorter message; it’s been an overly warm week and much has been done but a lot of our projects are in transition so….

The Monday Morning Meeting has had to change again and will roll out between 9ish and 10ish am BST on Twitch as all Rising  team members meet up to discuss the plans of the week, the month and generally natter. Feel free to chime in with questions and comments – That’s here on Monday Mornings. Have your say, ask questions and help us shape the future of what we are doing together.

Regardless: Each of our Rising sections are covered by our various organisers who you can contact and talk to via our Discord Server or just a straightforward e-mail.

The woods have been full of people again and we have been hard at work ahead of the weekend at on the 6th. Alongside the new toilet area we have cleared out a camping area and built up a full camp for the IC main area that leads out into the woodland skits.

The already built clearings are being constructed upward and are now being fenced, raked and separated to make them more easily accessible and dressable as buildings and other locations.

The main camp has a firepit that can be easily used for cooking, a parachute canopy for all round shelter and new benches constructed of the first Ash that we bought down (it had Ash dieback). An area has been cleared for woodpiles and cooking accoutrements and the sink areas will be in soon!

The Kobolds gathered together and sorted out the plan for the weekend of the fifth through seventh, crafted the updated event and have a full on working plan for what we are calling our first anniversary event. The page is up and we are halfway through selling our tickets which makes us very happy. You can find the event and its details here:

Get your Tickets here!!

This week we are offering the CODAfying special in which we will be talking about the format for the event and the upcoming releases for Downtime and Resources that we have been diligently working away on. That will come on Wednesday at 7pm BST on the Twitch channel – Be there – We have a lot to tell you and remember that if you are a Patreon you get to ask us a whole bunch of questions around these subjects in advance.

Beyond that we did an excellent Codafying Stream on Tuesday morning regarding the Lairdan Gan and their role in the world. The CoDA team will be back this week with Codafying on Tuesday morning, featuring Stephen, Holly and Mike – this week, we’re talking all things Tzi Tzain! 

LARPing Up That Hill is back on Thursday AM with System Head – Holly Goodall, the System Founder, LARPtronics founder, Site Owner etc etc – Stephen Canfield and of course, the Legendary Mark Cordory! He of the Mark Cordory Creations, Mythlore, Tardis building and other endeavours, fame. Larping Up that Hill runs every Thursday from 10.30am BST for about an hour and features talks about all things larp.

It looks like a quieter online week this week, but make sure you keep checking in for updates on all things streaming, chicanery and shenanigans – be that via Discord or the website. 

Ok – So  that’s the week in a nutshell: It looks like the world may well be a hard place to be in at the moment so with that in mind we will be trying to keep the office manned as much as possible on Discord. If you need people, company, nonsense or an ear please feel free to come and find us. The teams will be in and around Discord helping out those that need and generally listening to froth. If you need some of this wonderful assistance go and find them and they will see what they can do for you. 

You can find us easily enough:

Till the next time we talk: Have a Foxes and Crows week people, we look forward to seeing all of you somewhere in the world whether that be in the woods or on Discord. 

Much Love

Take Care of Each Other

Team RoC