What is Patreon and why does Rising of Chaos need one?

Patreon gives people (Creators, LARP organisers, Artists) the opportunity to offer extra content and services to their communities as part of a monthly membership subscription. Different levels of membership are offered, with the extras generally being cumulative; the more you give the more you get. It is a great way for creators to engage with their communities, give them a more tailored experience and encourage extra participation.

So why does RoC need one?

Like many systems, for years we have operated on a membership model where players paid an annual fee to enjoy the full scope of the game. 

The success of RoC Online in the first lockdown was heartening, and That model allowed us to book sites, invest in and maintain kit, and operate an office with a full time member of staff so that our players could continue to enjoy RoC even when an event wasn’t running.

That ability to keep interacting with the game is something that we want to expand on as we grow the RoC community and use it to push for positive change in the world. Together, we have and continue to achieve amazing things for our community, supporting our members through tough times and celebrating their victories. 

The Patreon enables us to provide a structured system for our community members to invest in that success. By supporting us, you help grow the scope of the game and the community so that we can in turn support more people.

Participation in the Patreon is absolutely optional and is not required to participate in RoC LARPing events. However, if you can afford to, even a small contribution helps us know that you appreciate the work we are doing – and you can enjoy unique benefits based on your contribution!

What do I get?

That depends on the level at which you join, the RoC Patreon has six:

Small Folk (£1 per month + VAT)

You have our absolute undying thanks for your support, and have access to our online board game league.

If you are a frontline ‘out-in-the-field’ type member of the Emergency Services or NHS, you can play RoC Online at this level – thank you for everything you do for us.

Apprentice (£5 per month + VAT)

You gain access to one of our unique Discord handles, and access to one Core Team meeting per month – giving you the chance to give us your feedback in the development and running of the game.

Guildsfolk (£10 per month + VAT)

You have all the benefits of the Apprentice Level, as well as access to our online Newspaper archive to keep your character informed about the goings on in the Royal Basin and beyond!

Senior Guildsfolk (£20 per month + VAT)

You have all the benefits of the previous levels, and we will provide you with a physical copy of the latest newspaper at every event you attend. That’s right, everyone else can be getting their hands dirty and you can pop your feet up with the paper.

Being a Senior Guildsfolk also gives you access to the official RoC P.O. Box where you will be able to send one IC letter every month and receive a reply (providing you are comfortable with the system holding your address!)

Guild Head (£30 per month + VAT)

Alongside all other benefits, you are now eligible to play in RoC Online games! You may send 1 letter to a DPC every quarter through your RoC P.O Box (which may receive an appropriate response!)

Plus, we will work with you for a custom entry on our site for any characters you may have.

Living Legend (£40 per month + VAT)

Again, you gain all the benefits of the previous levels, including access to RoC online. You will immediately be eligible to work with the Core Team to tie an existing DPC into the story of any new character you make whilst you maintain this level.

You will also obtain a custom RoC water bottle at the next event you attend.

If you maintain this tier level for at least three months you will also receive a T-Shirt and be able to submit a 200 word article or advert to be published in the newspaper each month from that point onwards.

At six months you become eligible for the annual RoC Calendar when it is released!