It’s almost time to make a return to the world of LARPing and after 18 months of looking sadly  at us from cobwebbed corners or through conservatory glass it’s time to let the kit return to the world. A swift round up made us realise that we would need a very big space and a team of volunteers to get it all out, check it over and sort it all out so we hired a really big hall and gathered up the system officers.

After a chat we thought to ourselves: We could just open the doors to everyone and see if people want to join in and after a bit of general asking around it would seem that they do so here we are. Short notice we know but we weren’t expecting so much interest in the project to whit we thought we would give you a better heads up of what we are doing!

Where, where, and how do I get there?

  • Saturday 19th June 2021
  • 9.30am – 4.30pm
  • Shirley Parish Hall
  • On road parking only (Use Postcode: SO15 5QF)
  • Bus Routes from Southampton Central:
    • Stop SB: Bluestar 17 towards Adanac Park (Depart at Lidl and walk a short distance)
    • Stop SB: City Red 2 towards Millbrook Estate (Depart at Lidl and walk a short distance)
    • Stop SB: City Red 3 towards Lords Hill (Depart at Lidl and walk a short distance)
    • Stop SB: Bluestar 18 towards Millbrook Estate (Depart at Lidl and walk a short distance)

Things of great importance!

  • We will be following a strict COVID procedure, so please ensure that you follow our guidance for the safety of all those involved!
  • There will be a maximum of 30 people inside the Hall at any given time.
  • If you are visiting us, you will be allowed 2 hours at a maximum for your visit.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided, please ensure that you use it frequently.
  • Above all, please follow the Core Team’s instructions!
  • There will be no smoking or vaping at all on the premises, please.
  • There is a ramp for wheelchair access.
  • Please bring your own water.
  • There is a lovely park nearby if you would like to bring a packed lunch and eat there.
  • There is also a shop around the corner!

More Things of great importance!

  • We will be attempting to take contactless payments for all items where possible.
  • We will not be carrying change to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • You are welcome to pay with the correct amount of cash into specific jars on tables.

The Great RoC Kit sort through

The Kit will be arriving from the various locations that it has been stored before we open the doors and the focus of the RoC volunteers will be to go through the Kit see what needs repair, what we don’t need any more and to get it into a proper order for the new season.

However this means that we are taking along 11 and counting, Core Team and some of their own team members so there will be a lot of us on site which means that we have decided to open up the Hall for a few other activities!

This will be happening in the Back Room of the Hall, with any kit to be swapped being brought out periodically to the tables of…

Bringing, Selling, Buying, Swapping.

RoC itself will be organising surplus or damaged kit and prepping into bundles that we will be offering to new larpers who want to get into the Hobby but find it prohibitively expensive or intimidating.

We will also be giving aware spare kit that we just don’t need anymore and if you or a system that you represent needs any spare kit we might have some for you, who knows! What we will do is let people that want to do something similar grab a table and set up shop as well but we won’t just stop at kit.

If you have any LARP stuff (Costume, Dressing, Props, Weapons, Armour etc) OR anything geek related from books to DVD’s to Games to collectibles feel free to drop us an e-mail and we’ll sort you out a table as long as we have some left.

If you want to swap stuff or give it away that’s fine we have an area that will be set aside for you to join in with (as long as you let us know) but if you are selling we’ll ask you for £5 to whack up a stall for a few hours 🙂

Equally if you want to sell stuff but can’t be there for long or just want to browse and can’t be bothered we will happily sell stuff on your behalf for a 10% fee.

If you just want to come and snaffle up some bargains and freebies come along, just make sure you follow our “What can I carry home?” rules.

Community Corner

RoC runs a policy of collecting up food, clothes and other essentials as well as pre-cooking meals and having them ready for people who need them. So if you need a boost to your cupboards and need to save a few pennies come and pick up a few donated essentials.

If you want to add to the table you can do that too and if you feel uncomfortable taking anything there is a jar that you can put money into and that in turn will be put toward either more food, the counselling service that RoC provides or free games for the emergency services staff program. 

Buns a Glazing!

If you like cakes, want to bake cakes or want to eat cakes we will provide a space for you to bake up and sell what you want. Same rules as per the other tables but we will ask you to list ingredients for allergen, vegan etc reasons!


We will be running a game of Formula D for 4-10 people during the course of the afternoon – it’s £2 to enter, with the chance to win a surprise card game!

Formula D is a racing game, where you are the driver attempting to outmanoeuvre your rivals and cross the finish line first to claim your spot on the podium! It’s a game that relies on your ability to plan ahead and strategise, but also make quick changes when the luck of the dice rolls don’t go your way!

The RoC Team has loved running Formula D in the past, and you can read more about those shenanigans here!!

RoC Facilities

With all of the Core Team basically on site we will be able to talk about the system and provide a welcome to the game corners, plot talks, character rebuilds and all sorts. We don’t have a structure to that quite yet but we will be making plenty of updates in the next few days! To give you some insight as to what we might be running we have our: Story and Character Development, Rules and Mechanics, Site and Operations, Kit and Props, Sustainability, Social Media and Website, Administration and Director of Operations Officers all confirmed as attending at the moment.

With the upcoming events booked in for July this is probably the best time to grab some people and have a chat if you want to be about or just get involved.

Other Activities

So in no particular order we will also be running a few of the following activities for people  that are up for it:

  • Face Painting for kids big or small!
  • Some makeup tutorials for anyone!
  • Some Photography so if you want to whack on some kit or cosplay feel free to dress up!
  • Talks and demos on how to treat and repair your kit

Advertising Other Things

Whilst this is an RoC thing we are really happy to support all things geek so if you are running geeky things or you need a hand with geeky things come and ask! If you have flyers for your own larp game or need a hand with your own larp come and ask! If you want to point at any issues in the world around you, come and talk to us. We are big on awareness and hope to have our awareness officer at the event! 

Can I bring Kids?

Short answer: yes! Supervised kids are welcome but we won’t be running child focused activities.

How much does it cost?

  • A couple of quid on the door so £2
  • Free if you are a Patreon

If you have any questions at all just throw us a line at or join the Facebook Event.