There are legends amongst the enlightened that tell us that Psionic power manifested before the comet arrived, heralding the coming of the power that would shape the world and that it was a time of terror for those that possessed it: There are many theories regarding the awakening of the mind some speak of an intermingling with a race from another world leading to a strange heritage whilst others point to warping effect of the comet itself on part of the population.  Whichever reality is true it lead to a power born of cognitive thought, drawing from the imagination, psionic potential unleashes an awakened individuals power at even the smallest inclination of will. So as the age of Magic dawned so did an age of persecution towards those few who were able to utilise such power. Early psionicists could little control their talent, whether they sought to use it for good or ill in the world. Discharges of power, specifically from those who were more susceptible to their own emotional outbursts, were frequent and led to accidental injuries, deaths and damage to property.

With no understanding of the power that was being used those unfortunate enough to possess it were accused of a wide range of evils; daemonic possession, witchcraft and necromancy were mooted to name but a few. Eventually we would come to know this as the White, residual of emotion left behind in the Astral corrupting the Psionicicst. Innocent people were rounded up in droves and tortured and eventually put to death by superstitious peasant folk and easily guided Lordlings. Recorded histories of such occurrences   are well documented in Basanic archives. It was not until the discovery of the mineral known as Variscite and the less pure stones that were found with it; Axinite and Goshenite.  Through luck and eventually through experimentation it was discovered that these crystals, when refined were able to allow the control of the power that flowed from the minds of the awakened. The first true Psionicist was born and a new understanding of the talents and Disciplines of the mind was founded.

Psionics in Daer Akmir