Welcome to Version 12

Hello returning and respending player, and welcome to Version 12 of RoC! If you were not involved in version 11, which bridged massive changes; you have a whole new and wonderful experience of a much more dynamic system ahead of you. This is NOTHING like version 10! RoC is now a low hit, high fantasy game, with an emphasis on being rules light and open ended.

If you walked through the playtesting of version 11 you are going to find that a lot of mechanics around combat and aptitude skills are still as they were. Health, Crafting and Magic have all gone through some really hefty updates to make them much more in keeping with the spirit of the game we are looking to build. Wound Cards and Backlash Cards have both received streamlining updates and we have taken on board all of the feedback that you have provided to deliver the system that suits all aspects of the RoC Community.

Big Changes Ten to Twelve

Very, very little has remained from ten into twelve and listing every single change in dynamic we will outline the following core changes that you can follow through with some reading on the website:

10 Hits MaxYou can’t have more than 10 Hits as a character, not ever, not once and it’s hard work to get there as you start with 3.

Fighting One blow does one hit and no more 3 per encounter skills, you get a number of Tactical points now that allow you to use all of your abilities.

The Omni DeckThe skills the system work on now operates on a card pull system that determines success or failure and to what degree.

Wound CardsWith no more big hits and the like you now pull wounds to see what happened to you after a fight.

Continuous CastingNow you can just cast as you see fit without worrying about power and instead deal with the backlash of casting.

Backlash – When you finish casting you now draw a backlash card to see what the effect of your mystical machinations were.

Further Eleven to Twelve Changes

HealthWounds are now generically simple to cure but if they are not cured you start to deteriorate and all wounds become more difficult to deal with.

MagnitudesWhere we staggered casting with words in version 11 we now use Magnitude to develop your ability to cast.

CraftingThe biggest change across the system is Crafting which is broken down into new subsections and revolves around you being able to work the new skill squares to invent and create new schematics.

The Rebuilding Process

Before you begin the rebuilding process it is important that you have looked at the new mechanics and guidelines that have been uploaded to the new website. When you get into contact with the system and ask questions your system rep will expect you to have an understanding of the new game concepts. When you have the feeling for the new game the following steps are to be followed:

E-mail the system and request a Rebuild – Opens 1st February 2021
Endeavour Totals and Spend
Detailed Character History
Define Character Specialisation
Magic Items
Statuses and Pathways
Aura Conversion
Populate Character Folders

Please Email us here as of February 1st 2021 to request your rebuild.