The next stage in the process is to define your character’s specialisation.

As you will have already converted your XP / Endeavour into Version 12 and completed your spend, you will already know the mechanical skills that your character possesses. Having played them, too, you will know how their personal plot, background and the things that have happened to them in game have affected the ways in which you want them to progress.

To achieve this, we will be looking at the new prestiges, as and when they are published. If they are not yet available, we will base your character’s specialisation on the Version 10 prestiges, and work on creating new Pathways based on that content.

This is the stage where we discuss where your character is likely to go with career, prestige and the like so we can avoid (as much as possible) redundancies in the super awesome pathways of cool you might go on to follow.

Please Email us here as of February 1st 2021 to request your rebuild.