What does this mean?

This is where we ask you as players to tell us the key things your character has done in their lifetime. It is as this point that we will consider adding pathways and the like – more on that later!

In Version 12 of The Rising of Chaos, we are keen to incorporate the history of your character(s) into their rebuild. We would like to spend time with you talking about the key events of their past and using those recollections to solidify their presence in the latest version of the world that we are creating.

We realise that for some of you this will mean a huge amount of time considering and remembering actions of over twenty years! We are, as ever, here to help. The System will provide its team’s time and resources in giving you the opportunity to flesh out the story of you character’s life.

Do I need to do this?

No, this is not a necessary step in the rebuilding process if you are happy with where you are. However, it is not without its rewards which, again, will be discussed in more detail in the next parts of the Rebuilding Process. Plus, parts of your character’s story may well make it onto the website which we think is pretty awesome…!

What are you looking for?

A recollection of Key moments from your characters living history with as much detail as you can muster to go with it. Whilst we realise that you will all try and write that in different ways and we aren’t going to pin you down to ways that you don’t want to write the following information would be very useful:

  • The Plotline you were involved with
  • Who your ref was
  • Key DPCs involved
  • What year it was or as close to
  • Other players that were involved
  • Factors that led up to the event
  • The event(s) that occurred
  • The Aftermath
  • What effect this had on your character
  • Any rewards and such that you may have received.

You may continue to upload this information at any time during your playing time with RoC and we’ll keep incorporating it. Take as long as you want – Just make sure you are informing your team member and we’ll keep the ball rolling.

Please Email us here as of February 1st 2021 to request your rebuild.