When you request a rebuild for your Character, we will allocate you a system rep who will be responsible for guiding you through the steps of regeneration from one version to the next.

The process covers your character’s involvement in the game in some detail and we will endeavour to replicate your old character. However, the new system is also capable of allowing us to develop aspects of your character that we have not been able to touch on before. Exciting stuff!

With that in mind the process may take several weeks, depending on how advanced your character is! RoC has a very limited number of reps available to complete your rebuild, but we are aware that we are unlikely to be back in the woods until the latter half of 2021 at the very earliest, so we have more time than we usually would to complete your rebuilds.

Finally, we know that all of you are ready and raring to go and get your characters ready for Time In, whenever that might be. With this in mind, we have decided that we will offer priority slots for Rebuilding to our Shining Stars and Patreon members. Priority allocation will run in the following order.

Order of Priority Rebuilding:
The Special Star/Living Legend Patreon
Platinum Shining Star/Guild Head Patreon
Golden Shining Star/Senior Guildsfolk Patreon
Silver Shining Star/Guildsfolk Patreon
Bronze Shining Star/Apprentice Patreon
The Willing Star/Small Folk Patreon
Non-Crew/Non Patreon

Please Email us here as of February 1st 2021 to request your rebuild.