We have taken the decision in Version 12 to replace NSA’s and Statuses with Finesse Paths. These are rewards based on your in game actions, rather than having to spend Endeavour to gain one. So, from deeds you have already done, a Finesse Path may well be opened to you.

First off, that means that if you had a Status in the past, it is free now!

We will need to work with you to convert your existing NSA’s and any Statuses you might have as well as creating any new paths depending on your Character History and discussion with your system rep.

These new Finesse Paths work in a similar way to the workings of Relics in previous versions in that they may have upgrade parameters based on certain conditions, being connected to the story and on your actions in the field.

In terms of conversion, anything that isn’t really viable for a Finesse Path but is something the character can do can be converted into something called a Legendary Skill, specific to you.

Please Email us here as of February 1st 2021 to request your rebuild.