Calodemon Woods

8am – 6pm


The nights were warming and the crew seemed happier to be where they were moored; far above the mist swept landscape of the Bitter Vale. Jack Spears, de facto head of the Fleet of Controlling Power, loyal husband and loud but kind hearted sourcerer dangled a line off of the edge of his dirigible “The Protector.” It was a futile effort, the gulls didn’t fly this high and those rare birds that did soar alongside weren’t foolish enough to take the bait like they had when the fleet was at its height. Or at least that’s what Jack thought.

“Foolish,” he said out aloud. “Gull-able! Ha!” He looked around to see who had heard his expressly out of context hilarity. The deck was empty though, as it had been for a few weeks at this time of night, the rest of the crew were below decks; some were studying, some were training, some were dreaming of rotation so that they could go home and see loved ones. Who could blame them? Jack missed his life with Tessica, it seemed like an age ago they had been married, he looked up casting his gaze to their once home.

The keep dominated everything that was the sky: A cyclopean monument to the engineering and artificing genius that had been the once King Dazak North. An entire citadel that once commanded the skies, not only in battle but in the hope for survival, the bastion of the Sky Tribe. Now lifeless it hung among the clouds, listing and unapproachable, some unknown mysticism keeping any who might approach at bay, in permanent mourning for its dead and vanished maker. No longer the great healer that would repair a broken world instead a tomb, a husk of what it had been, hovering over a burning country.

Almost out of instinct Jack saluted, a visceral feeling swelling in his throat as he remembered the days of family in desperate battle against the Ministers and their Shadow Hoard. So much left behind there in those empty halls years past now just ghosts left. He had made it his mission to breach the fortress, find the King, restore the unity of the land. He could save these people, couldn’t he? A sigh left him. He missed his wife, his friends, his home and no matter how long he kept vigil here that would not change. The King had fought and died to reunite people and bring them home perhaps it was time to honour that sacrifice.

Reeling in his line Arch Magus Spears whispered his apologies to the night.

“I can’t just leave her sir. You get that right? I have to go home, I wish that was here, more than anything.” He turned toward the light of wheelhouse and made to leave, going over the orders and speech that he would give about their leaving in the morning. As he did so he remembered the familiar words and spoke a version of them to the empty deck, perhaps he could use them tomorrow:

“We have stood and fought them hard and we have never run, for you we were the shining stars and did what must be done.” A tear spilled and he almost choked, seeking a way to say a final farewell but as he did, at the edge of his hearing he heard the words from somewhere behind him, muffled through not only the great walls of the keep but through his memory, through years long gone.

“Action Stations, Actions Stations.”

Closing his eyes and drawing in his breath Jack turned, slowly, deliberately and with no intention of hope.

“Action Stations, Actions Stations.”

Something was trying to make him be sick, he was unwilling but it was keen: Jack opened his eyes and stood, bathed in the light of the Keep shining from windows caked with the dirt of battle responding the low drone of engines beginning the burn to power up.

“Action Stations, Actions Stations.”

Jack let out his breath “Set condition one throughout the fleet” he whispered and was shocked by an immediate reply.

“What sir? Archmagus?”

Jack glanced back over his shoulder, surprising the junior incanter that had recently arrived from the wheel house with his huge shit eating grin.

“You heard me!” He roared at him. “Send word back to every dirigible within range and tell them,” he turned his head back to the Keep that was beginning to burn with power: “Set condition one throughout the Fleet.”

Event Information

On Saturday I will be opening the gates at 8AM – Crew being onsite between 8 and 8.30 would be appreciated. Players may arrive at any time from 8 following Car Park considerations as follows.

This is the carpark (Stone Worx) that is close to the site:

The what three words for this location is ///yacht.pounds.sums

Arrive here and get into kit: A crew person will be in the Carpark and ready to ferry you to the gate of the site so you can proceed to our piece of land. They will go when there is a reasonable amount of people to take.

If you are dropping people off at the gate to the site the what three words are ///crust.kipper.grasp

If you are walking up from the main gate without a crew person: Follow the path keeping to the left for about 5 minutes until you come to a second gate. ONLY proceed through the gate or over the gate DO NOT go through other people’s land to go around the path. The main gate should be unlocked or manned by a member of crew.

We intend to begin the event at 9.30 – Crew will be available to take you to the briefing area for orientation, safety check and then Time In.

We will be then running this as a standard one day event with time out being at around 18.00 hours with the crew then taking you back to your vehicles for dekit and away.

Please make sure you bring food and water to see you through the day.

Please make sure that you have taken a Covid Test before hand and only attend if you are negative.