Angelic Remnants

Angelic remnants are deeply gifted individuals, they seem to all be born with a supremely advanced gift in one field or another.

Daemonic Remnants

Daemonic Remnants maintain much of the need for power that their Daemonic counterparts do: A Daemon feeds on power of any kind, political, the power of a soul, reputation; all of these things enhance the magical nature of the beast.

Fae Remnants

Fae Remnants are passionate and emotive people that carry a presence and a power with them wherever they go.

Lycan Remnants

Lycan Remnants are usually direct creatures that find solutions to problems and stick with them, sometimes to their own detriment.

Varrow Remnants

The Varrow Remnants are touched by the darkest part of the Astral, a power that comes from deep within the White. They tend to be deeply secretive and sophisticated individuals who play out quiet manipulations from the shadows.

Vorokian Remnants

The remnants are bright and vivacious people described as sparkling and attractive they are born laughing and smiling.