Lycanthropes. Creatures capable of shifting their form between humanoid and beast that live out an often lonely existence in the wilder places of the land. Their power is linked to the Wyld, the realm of the Gillieabad, despite the origin of their kind being shrouded and lost. Those sharing a remnant of their past have bestial sides to their blood which ripens in their veins as they age. They are primal creatures who are brought up in the civilised world but hear the call of the Tao and the Gillieabad on the wind.

Lycan Remnants are usually direct creatures that find solutions to problems and stick with them, sometimes to their own detriment. They are not second guessers, they are doers, achievers and often leaders. Some pursue their heritage and awaken the beast and the blood within them, calling to their heritage whilst others hide from their past and their power. The people of the Royal Basin have a mixed attitude with them: Many remember the Rhygahrean Wars of 2010 when thousands fell to the Long Claws but many more respect those that defended their borders and now dwell peacefully in Kern.

Specific Looks:

Lycans can come from many lineages (in fact, almost any animal) but the majority spring from wolf, bear, tiger, raven, snake, rat, and shark.

Regardless of their heritage, their standard form is represented by elongated canines and other teeth.

Less Generic Look:

Lycans have also been notes with other physical traits such as slitted pupils, yellow eyes, and elongated or animalistic ears.