The majority of skills in RoC are added to a character’s repertoire by spending earned Endeavour. When creating a character you begin with 20 Endeavour (EDV). This process is described in Character Creation. Skills are broken down into categories, such as Tactical Skills and Magical Skills and separated into two Sections.

Career Skills – These are available at all times to everyone

Specialist Skills – These are available when you join a specific career and were once referred to as Prestige Skills.

Career skills are available to every Archetype but are “gated” behind three functions:

Current Total Endeavour – The more endeavour that you earn the more training becomes available to you

Endeavour spend in a category – To gain a specific Tactical Ability you must have spent X Endeavour (EDV) in the category Tactical Skills

Archetype – A very few abilities will only be available to you if you chose the relevant Archetype at Character Creation.

Specialist Skills are available to you when you have been invited to join or successfully petitioned to join a specific career. These specialist careers can be found in play and are often referred to by their titles such as a specific Order of Knights or Gang of Pirates. They can also be found and inquired about in the majorative fluff that appears throughout the Website. When you join you may buy the skills from the specialist path as you wish without any restrictions bar Caps.

Skills can only be purchased a certain amount of times which is moderated by your Maximum Buys (MB)

Academic Skills
Aptitude Skills
Chirurgical Skills
Individual Skills
Magical Skills
Tactical Skills

What’s Endeavour and how do I get it?

At the end of any Day Event you gain 2 Endeavour At the end of any Multi Day Event you gain 2 Endeavour per day you have played and a bonus 2 Endeavour at the end of the event. You can spend Endeavour between events to gain skills. This is achieved via e-mailing the system until the website supports Endeavour spending.
What is a Tier?
Tiers are endeavour totals where you gain access to new skill limits. There are five in total.
Tier 1 – Where a character begins.
Tier 2 – A character who has 30 total endeavour.
Tier 3 – A character who has 80 total endeavour.
Tier 4 – A character who has 180 total endeavour.
Tier 5 – A character who has 350 total endeavour.

How do the skills work?

Each skill comes with a short description which informs you how to use it in the circumstance that it was designed to be used.

How Many times can I buy a Skill?

During your Characters creation you will choose a place to train which will define the beginnings of your characters life. These professions will put a cap on how many times you can buy this skill.

Some Skills say they add suits to an Omni Deck check

Yes: Some skills increase your odds on a Feat Sheet Check.
The following order is universal in how to increase the odds:
If no suits add ♠
If ♠ add ♥
If ♠♥ add ♦
You may never add ♣
See Omni Deck for more detail.

What are Feat Sheets?

A Feat Sheet is a sheet that requires skills to succeed.
The top left image is the image for Venator to make them recognisable. The Top right describes the suits that you need to pull to make the success.
The bottom section runs you through how to operate the card.
The rear of the card explains what you have discovered.
The second card is a Medical Card calling for the speciality in Forensics. Skill checks are set up with ???? as the success sequence under the following rules:

Clubs are always a failure.
Black Jack, Queen or King Cards are always a Critical Failure whilst Red Jack, Queen or King Cards are always a Critical Success Result and are removed from your deck for the scene when drawn.

Examples of Feat Sheets can be found here: