Several skills in RoC use a system that involves coloured ribbons. Direct examples of those skills are Eagle Eyed and Sniff, although other skills may use these ribbons on an event by event basis.

Characters with Ribbon Skills should collect their daily enveloped from The Red Table before each event they play (or from God at Fort events).

Each skill will be allocated a specific colour which is noted in the envelope and kept secret from other players. It will also contain information relating to what a character learns when they see these ribbons during play.

Using Eagle Eyed as an example the following situation explains their use –

Galen Trask, bounty hunter and skill master extraordinaire, is stealthing his way through the woods when he spies two blue ribbons tied to a tree some fifty feet away.

He knows that blue is his Eagle Eyed colour and hunkering down to keep out of sight he pulls his spyglass and the Eagle Eyed envelope.

He finds the reference for two blue ribbons whilst roleplaying peering through his telescope and discovers that two crew (that the player can’t see) are hidden there, dressed in the uniform of the local noble, as if in wait for passers by.

The crew are indeed there but they can’t be seen by the untrained player, just the trained character.

Keeping it Secret

RoC operates with seven different colours of ribbons with four or five being used on any standard event.

However all colours will probably be utilised to ensure an evenness of play and the colours of skill will rotate from event to event.

A player should always keep their ribbon information to themselves and claim their envelope at the start of every game.