Character tiers are a measure of your overall ability. As you gain more endeavour, the maximum levels of various skills you can purchase will increase – sometimes skills will also require a certain amount of other skills to purchase first, this is noted in the skill descriptions.

Tier 1 – Endeavour 20-29 (including your starting Endeavour)
Tier 2 – Endeavour 30-79
Tier 3 – Endeavour 80-179
Tier 4 – Endeavour 180-349
Tier 5 – Endeavour 350+

Skill Groupings and Lists

The system breaks down skills into seven areas of development which all characters have access too. How quickly they can advance is only altered by their choice of Archetype which is one of the early stages of Character Development.

Skills are displayed as follows:
Skill Name – Name of Skill
EDV – Amount of Endeavour to be exchanged for the skill
MB – Maximum Buys – The amount of times you may buy this skill
Pre-Req – Skills you will need to possess to be that skill
The Description of that skill will follow