After the Nexus came the abomination found form through creatures called the Kaytarr who clung to an ancient piece of a destroyed world that they called the Shadowed Lands. Here they gave birth to the Dark Fae Men who would be known by the bastardised name Daemon as days went by. This abomination was called the Corruption; an Abandonment, a physical change which gave power but fed the things in the darkness. Sourcery was founded and so named for the Nexus, the Source, to protect the peoples flesh from these corruptions and keep the bodies pure. Long ago these Sourcerers fought wars, now lost to history, against creatures that could have written history differently, those monsters and the women and men that fought them are now lost to that history and things have moved on.

Since those days Sourcery at its core has developed, across Daer Akmir, into a power that governs through rigid and strict control of itself. It still protects against threats from the Daemons although it has since evicted them from their home in the Shadowed Lands. Equally Sourcerers have reached out into the cosmos and discovered worlds touched by the Nexus as it journeyed amongst the stars. Those worlds gave birth to species touched by its power and in them one of those species rose to dominance: The Vorokians. Through Colleges, Temples, Supernatural Creatures and diplomacy the Sourcerers have learned from and taught these peoples and new politics and knowledge has risen through the world of the Nexus.

Sourcery Across Daer Akmir