Power, Control

Everything in the Royal Basin begins in the Academy and grows out into the Guilds and from there into the Tables of Governance. The Black Table represents the power that is at the Core of Soucerey and its numbers are fuelled by the Colleges of Controlling power but the art is taught elsewhere to a specialised level. We recommend that you examine the guilds where Sourcery is taught to give yourself greater depth and understanding

The Colleges of Controlling Power

– Morrigun College – Pure Sourcery and Anti Corruptive Magics

– Valordian College – Vorokian Magics with powers associated to Vitae and Travel

– De Riche College – Vorokian Magics with powers associated with protection and minerals

– Shadowreaver College – Vorokian Magics with powers associated with Destruction and Fire

– Callow College – Vorokian Magics with powers associated with Mimicry and Deception

Non – Black Table Guilds

– The Oath – A Guild for those that fight that which cannot be fought, stop that which cannot be stopped

– The University of Great Strabain – A Guild for Doctors, Professors and all interested in Academia

What Sourcery in the Royal Basin is

A Discipline of Magic that requires rigidity to resist the powers that speak from the void to the Sourcerer continuously tempting them to their side.

Focussed on purity of body and intolerant of corruption

The oldest form of magic from the comet, holding the most secrets and always attempting to develop power from the Nexus

Personal Magic, rarely working as a unit of Sourcerers, this magic is focussed towards one person supporting a group.

Arrogant magic: It was the first magic as far as Sourcerers are concerned, it does not rely on a set of rules from an outside source and generally you don’t find rogue Sourcerers. It is the best form of magic.

Dynamic: Sourcerey is always growing and exploring new parts of the Vorokian access ways to magic. It is adaptable to most situations.

Political: Sourcery has sat at the heart of Basanic power for millennia and most Sourcerers are trained in diplomatic and political skills

What Sourcery in the Royal Basin isn’t

Old men in beards: You can be an old man with a beard but it isn’t a Gandalf Gang.

A Daemon hunting only club: Yes they hunt Daemons but they also explore and make new powers, diplomb and explore Vorokian worlds.

Other power bashing: Sourcerers know they are the best but they understand the uses and roles of the other forms of power in the world.

What are the Colleges’ Goals?

To represent and control the political and magical expansion of power in and beyond the Royal Basin.

To understand and control the Source of many forms of magic through Lore of the Nexus Comet

To further the aspects represented by their current understanding of Magic through the expansion of skill and abilities through casting

The eradication of Daemon kind and the return of stolen power removing the stain on the Orders made by those Sourcerers that have succumb to their corruption.

Protection and maintenance of the Royal Basin and its traditions

To return the power of the Nexus to the worlds of the Vorokians that they can complete their journey

To serve the power of the Vorokians and to understand and extend their power into the world of Daer Akmir

What are the Colleges’ Attitudes?

Morrigun is the oldest form of establishment magic in Daer Akmir and are the cornerstone of all other magical development in the last two Millennia.

Morrigun is controlled by a set of long traditions and paradigms which other forms of Magic are not, such as Focus, making other forms of magic Juvenile and without form.

Magic is dangerous, its secrets should be guarded and safekept by those with the knowledge to do so.

Be it Nation or Continent the magical power behind any Throne needs to be organised, dynamic and rigid and that is only Sourcery.

There is no room in Sourcery for mistakes or forgiveness and there must be an emotional distance between a Sourcerer and those that they are responsible for.

Casting Brief

Casting is through the recitation of words of power such as “Malecarion”

Words should be big, slow and powerful – you are looking at 4 words per second.

Amulets or similar of your order should be involved

Sourcerers tend to go big or go home