Sovereign Casting and Concordant Casting are ways to boost your character’s magnitudes of power beyond that which they can normally achieve – at a cost.

For Sovereign Casting this additional cost is in the form of additional backlash. Each Tier of Sovereign Casting denotes a level of additional backlash which is added to the final magnitude of the spell cast to determine the amount of backlash drawn. If this would be over 10, draw at Mag 10 and then draw again at the remainder – repeating if necessary.

For instance, if a character can cast at Mag 3 ordinarily and uses Sovereign Casting Tier 1 to cast at Mag 5, they would draw backlash at Mag 10 (5 for the mag, +5 for Tier 1 Additional Backlash). If they cast at Mag 6, they would draw backlash at Mag 10 and then again at Mag 1.

In exchange for this, Sovereign Casting allows the caster to add magnitudes to their spell effect based on their Tier and the Realm of Power they are using as per the table below:

Realm of Power Tier 1 Additional Magnitudes Tier 1 Additional Backlash Tier 2 Additional Magnitudes Tier 2 Additional Backlash Tier 3 Additional Magnitudes Tier 3 Additional Backlash
Source 5 5 10 7 20 10
Focus 2 5 5 7 10 10
Wyld 1 5 2 7 3 10
Weave 1 5 2 7 3 10
Psionic 2 5 5 7 10 10


Concordant Casting is similar, but the additional cost is that you need multiple casters of the same realm who are all trained in Concordant Casting.

One Caster is designated as the ‘lead’ who guides the power of the rest. The lead uses their Base Magnitudes and the rest add a different amount depending on their level in Concordant Casting as per the table below. The maximum number of characters that may be lead is equal to the Tier of the character leading the casting (e.g. a Tier 3 character can lead 3 other characters in casting for 4 total). Once the casting is complete, Backlash is split between all participants with no individual being able to draw more than magnitude 10 backlash – if the result would be greater than 10 for any participant the casting fails.

Realm of Power Tier 1 Magnitudes Per Assistant Tier 2 Magnitudes Per Assistant Tier 3 Magnitudes Per Assistant
Source 1 2 3
Focus 3 4 6
Wyld 4 5 7
Weave 4 5 7
Psionic 3 4 6

Remember as always that effect is limited at mag 10 – any magnitudes of power over this level are used purely to overcome resistance to the effect.