Tales from the Deck is RoC’s monthly storytelling evening with Gary Llewellyn, the oldest and wisest of friends. Gary has been a core part of Rising of Chaos since its inception, and his particular flavour of woodland events have been a mainstay for the players. Most of the antics of the people of Rhygharea were born in Gary’s mind, for example.

An excerpt from the tale of Prince Ivan, told by the amazing Gary during Tales from the Deck in March 2021

Gary himself was not, in fact, born, but hatched from an egg on an island in the middle of the Seven Seas. Having found a small, seaworthy vessel of an undisclosed type, he found himself growing up in the same town as Edward Teach, although not at the same time. We think.

Maybe it was growing up in a pirate town which gave Gary such a love for tall tales, and inspired his 25 years (so far) of storytelling, his travels around the globe spinning yarns in far flung places like Reykjavík, Addis Ababa, and Arica in Chile, and his co-founding of Southampton Story Club which entertains storytellers and story lovers alike even now. Maybe it was pirating with The Pirates of St. Piran, who can really say for sure…

From boats and planes, to festivals and trains, Gary has woven his spoken magic on almost every stage imaginable.

He has performed at various camps, as well as the Big Green Gathering and the Raven Wolf camps. He has also lent his many and varied skills at various libraries, schools and museums between Hastings, Oxford, and the Isles of Scilly. RoC is so thrilled that Gary’s online storytelling ventures are here in our community and on our platform!

Signing up to our Patreon at £5 per month or above gives you access to Captain Blood’s Tavern, our storytelling grotto in the heart of our Discord Server and an invite to a magical evening of tall tales and piratical nonsense from one of the best people we know.

Our next date for Tales from the Deck is June 18th 2021.